How to remove Temporary Internet files?

As you visit web pages on the internet using any web browser, automatically all visited page URLs will be saved on your computer hard drive. This allows you to load these pages quickly when you wish to revisit them. All these cache files will be stored in temp folder on your computer hard drive. But, this allows other users who have access to your PC to use or view your private data easily. Moreover, keeping excess of these cookies and the web history details will lead degradation of system performance. They occupy unnecessary storage space and thus make your browser slow. Hence, one has to keep removing them regularly. But how this can be done?

To know the procedure to remove your temporary internet files, just read below. Here is the detailed information about the procedure to clear cache data in any browser. Continue reading….

  • If you are using Firefox web browser, click on Firefox button that situated at the left top of browser. Click on “Options” a window appears that comprises of a list of many options. From that list, choose “Privacy”. Now just click the “Clear Now” button. Then, check “Cache” option when the window appears and then clear data.
  • If you use Internet Explorer (IE), go to “Tools” on the menu at the top of the screen. In list of options, choose “Internet Options”. From the "General" tab, click the "Delete Files" button. This removes all your temporary files from IE.
  • If you use Safari web browser, click on “Safari” on the menu at the top of the screen. Click on “Empty Cache” to delete files
  • If you are using Chrome, then just open New Tab and hit “Ctrl + H” a window with all history items will open. Now, based on the preferences select the unwanted ones and hit “Remove Selected Items”. If you want to delete all of them then click “Clear Browsing data” option. Now, choose what all you need to delete like saved passwords, cookies etc. from the list given and hit “Clear browsing data” option again. This will remove all temporary internet files.
  • If you use Netscape, go to "Edit" on the menu at the top of the screen. From that list, select "Preferences" Expand the "Advanced" menu. Click on "Cache" Click the "Clear Cache" button.

Above-mentioned steps guide you about how you can delete internet temp files from different web browsers. In addition, you can delete internet temp files by utilizing run command. Open Run command, their type “temp” and click OK. A window appears that comprises of list of temp files, select all and click on delete. If you feel these procedures are tiresome to delete files, then just use Remo Privacy Cleaner tool that efficiently cleans browser history, cookies, cache, system junk files etc. and increases your system throughput and response time.

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