How to repair Windows XP through Recovery Console?

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Windows XP is an operating system developed and produced by Microsoft for home and business computers. The first edition of this operating system was released on 24th August 2001 and is the second most popular and stable version of Windows. Nevertheless even these advanced operating system has problems like crash, failure etc, which makes Windows XP OS inaccessible and unbootable. But luckily, Recovery Console feature in Win XP enables you to boot in a mode, which allows you to change settings and solve your problem.

Below are the steps mentioned to get into MS Windows XP Recovery Console:

There are two ways, through which you can access Recovery Console option:

1. If Recovery Console option is already pre-installed in your system, you can select it during your usual Windows startup.
2. If not installed, you can access it from your Windows XP CD-ROM

How to access Windows XP Recovery Console using Win XP Disc

Note: If you do not know the Windows administrator password you cannot enter the recovery mode.

  • Insert your Windows XP CD-ROM into your CD drive and restart your PC. Access your BIOS setup screen and change the Boot sequence to optical drive first
  • The systems boots from your CD drive and displays “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD..”, do the same
  • The Win XP CD loads systems file, after which it shows welcome screen
  • The welcome screen displays three options, “To setup Windows XP, press ENTER”, “To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R” and “To quit Setup without installing Windows XP, press F3”
  • Press “R” key to access Recovery Console option
  • After getting into Recovery Console, you need to select the Windows XP installation, which you wish to log on
  • After selection, you will be prompted for administrator password, enter the same as you would while logging in Windows. MS-DOS prompt application appears
  • At this point, you’ll have full access to Recovery Console. Use commands to fix and troubleshoot your Windows XP operating system

Commands which can be used in Recovery Console are:

  • HELP: Use to list all supported commands
  • ATTRIB: Used to change the attribute of a file or folder
  • CLS: Used to clear DOS screen
  • DIR: Display a list of files and subfolders in a folder
  • DISKPART: This command manages the partitions on your hard disk drive
  • FIXBOOT: Use this command to write the new Windows boot sector code on the system partition
  • FIXMBR: Fix your MBR of boot partition by using this command
  • FORMAT: This command can be used o format a specified drive to a specific file system
  • MD and MKDIR: The md and mkdir commands is used create folders
  • BATCH: Use this command to run commands that are specified in a text file
  • CD and CHDIR: Use this commands to change to a particular drive or directory
  • CHKDSK : This command checks the specified drive and repairs the hard drive, this command can also be used to recover and mark bad sectors on hard disk
  • EXIT: Exits the Recovery Console and restart your computer

Other than the above mentioned commands, there are numerous other commands which the Recovery Console provides. Please note that if you use any wrong command, you may have to reinstall Windows XP which results in complete data loss from your computer. But it is also true that lost file recovery after Windows re installation is possible with the help of powerful data recovery software like Remo Recover Windows.

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