How to Restore iPod to Factory Settings

iPod is the renowned media player, which is used to store your favorite songs, videos and photographs. Its sleek design, super aluminum body, portability, easy to use interface and the high resolution camera for capturing photos (selected models) etc. all made them most popular among music lovers. The storage ability of ranges from 2GB (for iPod Shuffle) to 160GB (for iPod Classic) based on the models. Due to the craze developed for these iPods, manufacturers have come up with newer generations of iPod called iPod Nano, Shuffle, Mini and Classic.

Overtime as your iPod becomes older like other devices may develop some minor issues. However, such issues could be fixed by just restoring the iPod to its original factory settings or to previous reset point. Below are the steps involved in restoring iPod to its factory settings.

Step 1: Restoring iPod to factory settings can solve many critical problems and to use it on multiple computers.

Step 2: The operation of restoring iPod to its factory settings starts once you click on Restore button.

Step 3: Confirm the Restore process: Next, iTunes ask you to confirm whether you really want to perform this or not, move ahead and confirm the process by clicking on “Yes

Step 4: iTunes start downloading the fresh software and installs the same

Step 5: Wait for progress: As iTunes starts restoring the iPod, it displays progress bar, wait until the process gets completes.

Step 6:  Sync restored iPod: After completion of restoration process, iTunes will display a window indicating the process has been finished.

Now, you will get an empty and formatted iPod. Next, you can sync the iPod with your system and download your iTunes library again. Before you start restoring iPod to its factory settings have a backup all contents from iPod. This is because in the process if any interruption occurs you may end up with deletion of all iPod contents. In case, you forget to take back up and want to get your data back, then use Remo Recover software. With the help of this excellent utility you can retrieve all your lost iPod data back like songs, video and pictures in just few minutes. In addition, it performs iPod Mini data recovery when it is formatted due to virus attacks.

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