How to Run OS X on a Virtual PC?

Virtual PC for Mac was originally developed on the PowerPC platform and is also called as virtual machines. It allows you to run more than one operating system at a time on your computer. Earlier none of the virtual machine programs supported Mac OS X. Now, Virtual box added support toe even for Mac OS X server. Hence, now you can easily turn your Mac OS X on virtual PC. Before attempting to use this feature, make sure you have a licensed versions of Mac OS X. Thus, read below to know how the procedure to run your Mac OS X on a Virtual PC.

  1. First download and install Virtual Box on your hardware
  2. Launch and open Virtual Box and click the “New” button that is situated at the top left of the window
  3. Once you receive the “Create New Virtual Machine”  window just give any desired name to the Virtual machine at the field labeled “Name”
  4. Click on the “Operating System” menu and select “Mac OS X” option from the drop down menu and Click “Next”
  5. In the next Windows you will be prompted to enter the amount of memory you want your virtual machine to use. A Mac OS X would require a 1GB and hence opt for it and hit  “Next
  6. Just click on “Create a new hard disk”, choose SATA drive and enter an amount of the drive space needed and click “Next”
  7. Browse and provide the location of the installation media and press on “Finish” button to create the new virtual machine
  8. Select the Mac OS X virtual machine and click “Settings” option on the top
  9. After this just click “Display” option and uncheck all 3D settings
  10. Save all the settings by clicking on “Save” and close the “Settings” window
  11. Now, start the virtual machine and install the OS X
  12. Once it is installed successfully run OS X and disable the energy savings settings in the “System Preferences” window

Now with this you can easily use your Mac OS X on your Virtual PC. However, make sure you are opting the correct option in the process. At times due to some hazardous situations like sudden system shut down, application crash or hard drive failure, etc. you may lose your entire data on your computer. Hence, in such situations just make use of the Remo Recover Mac software that could easily recover your entire lost data from your computers in just few minutes. Moreover, this tool also comes handy to recover data from formatted Mac hard drive without missing a single file. You can even try the free trial version and evaluate the performance of the tool, if satisfied then purchase the tool.

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