How to secure your confidential data?

Today data security has become a highly invested field in the technological world. Investment in the sense of both money and human efforts. In today’s world, people are more eager in accessing others’ confidential data than utilizing their own. For example if programmer put 80% of effort to develop a software, then the malicious users or hackers puts 90% of their strategy in breaking the software. This is a strategy report given by pcworld.

Though we cannot provide a cent percent secured system for user data, the confidential data can be safe guarded to its least. A few funny but true facts about data security are.

  • If you want your system, most secured one in the world and free from vulnerable threats like viruses, malware, botnet etc., then do not switch it on.
  • If you want, your personnel data to be perfectly safe and secure, then never use any of the internet facility.

Even though, these quotes may look funny, but it is the fact. Today we are in a bugged world. Each second all computing devices are attacked by many kind of threats. Some are found but many are unrevealed. In this open world, we cannot hide our confidential data from the anonymous eyes that are focused on our data. However, we can divert the view of those eyes up to some extent. The confidential data used nowadays can be categorized on two basis - online and offline.

The online data refers to data that are stored and transferred over the internet. Some of them are email accounts, net banking accounts, etc. These confidential data are more vulnerable to threats than offline data. This is because of the development of internet over the years. Moreover, it is easy to access and take control of the victim system within no time. In raw terms, it is called data stealing.

The offline data indicates the user data in the system when it is not connected to a network or internet. Here instead of data stealing, data loss and data damage tops the peak in the chart. Here, the source of the threats can be some prankster who destroys and spreads threats just for fun or out of curiosity. Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Macros, key loggers, etc. create the major confidential data loss problems.

Well here are some useful measures and tips to protect the system data.

For offline data:

  • Keep regular backups of your daily work
  • Use log off and lock option when you are away from your PC
  • Do not store your confidential texts like passwords, bank PIN numbers in plain text format. Use encryption and compression strategies to secure them
  • Use resourceful and legitimate Antivirus software to protect your PC from vulnerable threats. In addition, always be updated with its latest version
  • Use genuine original software and operating systems for your PC
  • Check the legal policy statement of every application before installing them on your system

For online data:

  • Use firewall programs to secure your PC connection over the network
  • Do not allow anonymous or unwanted dynamic IP addresses to take control over your PC
  • Clear cookies and browsing data immediately while surfing the net
  • Avoid accepting anonymous friends and followers in social networking sites
  • While surfing checks the background data for unwanted uploads and downloads that are in progress without your notice
  • Check login information of your email facilities to make sure that you are the only right person to access your account previously
  • Never reveal your passwords or personnel details to any of the sites or persons connected in the internet
  • Always use a secured gateway like PayPal and Visa for online money transactions
  • Use complex password strategy

Though these tips may help you to safe guard your data up to some extent, there are times where situations will be out of hand. For example, some Fully Undetectable (FUD) type viruses are thousand times stealthier than normal viruses. These Viruses straight away attacks the hard drive's boot sector or pretend a HDD volume to be inactive and useless. In these situations data loss will be enormous and only a reputed tool with a powerful internal mechanism like Remo Recover can help you restore the lost data from hard drive or any other storage device with ease.

There might also be times, when you are going to sell your old computer, external hard drive, mobile phone or memory card to some other person and not sure whether your confidential and personal data which was present earlier will secure or not. As, even if you format your storage device; the data still resides in it. So, I recommend you a tool called Remo Drive Wipe, which can be used to permanently wipe your entire data without leaving any trace i.e. beyond recovery.

Be Safe !

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