How to Setup a Router for WiFi

Wi-Fi is a type of wireless networking protocol that facilitates devices to communicate with cables or cords. It is commonly mistaken as an acronym for “wireless fidelity” and trademarks of the Wi-Fi Alliance an international association of companies involved with wireless LAN technologies and products. Nowadays, Wi-Fi is the most preferred mode of internet connection across worldwide and even most of the organizations, IT companies, and business offices, colleges, etc. are using Wi-Fi connection. The areas which are enabled with Wi-Fi connection are known as Hotspots.

Well, to start this wireless connection you need to have an adapter, active high speed internet connection; router specific setup software should be properly installed. By making use of all these settings you can setup a router for Wi-Fi by following below mentioned steps:

  • Initially connect your wireless router to your modem with the aid of Ethernet cable
  • Next the wireless router should be connected to power source. Now wait for a moment and click on network icon in the notification area.
  • Here one thing should be observed that is - icon must be in the series of vertical bars or a small PC icon with network adapter alongside it
  • Now from the list of available network you have to select your wireless network to complete the setup process. In this stage the network name will be the name of router manufacturer.

Steps to Configure Router:

  • Initially find the IP address of router, if it is newly installed. The default IP address is printed on label affixed to router or else in documentation. Just in case if you are not able to find IP address on router then carryout the web search with router model and get IP address
  • Now open the web browser whether it is Mozilla Firefox or Chrome on the respective computer \ laptop that is connected to router, Next fill the IP address into the address bar and hit on enter button
  • Provide Username and password
  • Open the Wireless settings and enter name for wireless network. Here select the security method and create a passphrase and save the settings.

With this you can easily connect a router for your Wi-Fi. At times, you might encounter slow internet connection even when your Wi-Fi signal is high. This is mainly due to browser issues like browser history, cookies, cache etc. In such cases, to speedup internet connection just use Remo MORE software on your system that can easily fix all browser issues to with few clicks of mouse.

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