How to Setup an Email Account on a Nexus One Phone?

The HTC Google Nexus One is a touch-screen smart phone that runs on Google's Android operating system. This allows a mobile phone to behave like a computer in numerous ways. One of the important features of this Nexus One is a full email client app, which enables you to receive and send email messages via various types of email accounts. In recent days, email has become the very vital aspect to keep in touch with the family, colleagues and others. Hence, Nexus One is designed to be compatible with post office protocol (POP-3) email accounts. It’s just a few step procedure to set up an email account on your Google Nexus One.

Once you successfully add an email account to the device, you can receive and send emails with the account using the Nexus One email application. Below are the steps involved in setting up an email account on your Google nexus phones:

  1. Switch on your Mobile phone, wait until its ready to be used
  2. On the main menu of the Nexus One phone find the envelope-shaped “Email” icon  and tap on it
  3. Now, in the consecutive screen just push the “Menu” button that is positioned on the control panel
  4. Then just tap “Accounts” option on the screen
  5. Again hit the “Menu” button and from the list of all the items select “Add Account
  6. In the “Add Account” screen, type the full email account that you want to setup to your Nexus One phone and type the password for the account when prompted.
  7. Once done just press on “Next”, with this your Nexus One attempts to connect to your email server automatically and determines all the settings for your account.
  8. In order to identify your account give it a name that you would like to use, then tap “Done” to initiate your account once your Nexus One phone is able to detect the settings automatically.
  9. In case the phone encounters a problem, tap “Manual Setup” option and continue as instructed.
  10. Press in the “Incoming Settings” option and type the username, password and server address, usually it is "" or "" for your email account.
  11. Then select the “Use Secure Connection” or “Accept All SSL Certificates” and hit “Done” in case your email account requires these settings else ignore this step
  12. Select the “Outgoing Settings” and type the server address; usually it is “” or “”
  13. Enter the port number and select the type of security that your account uses, then tap “Done”

This completes the procedure for setting up an email account. With this you can easily check you emails wherever you go. In the entire process make sure you opt a correct option, else a small mistake would lead to loss of your entire data from nexus One. If in case you encounter such instances, just use Remo Recover for Android utility and get back all your lost data in just few minutes. Moreover,  you can also use this application to carry out Samsung photo recovery in simple steps.

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