How to Solve Invalid ZIP Error from Command Prompt

Many of you often come across an “invalid ZIP error” when trying to extract Zipped folder. You may face the error in some specific events like opening downloaded ZIP archive using IE in Window XP system or Mozilla Firefox browser etc. Sometimes using alternate browsers might have solved this issue.

Apart from the above-stated situations, you may also experience “invalid ZIP error” due to ZIP file corruption. There might be numerous causes for a ZIP file to get corrupt and shows “the compressed folder is invalid” error. Among those few are listed here:

  • Malware intrusion
  • Dropped down connectivity while attaching/downloading file
  • Transfer errors
  • Faulty storage media
  • Inappropriate compression technique
  • ZIP archive created with errors (computer shut down, incorrect use of compression programs)

If a ZIP file got affected due to above or other reasons, then it doesn’t allow you to extract files. Hence, it requires some troubleshooting. As a basic fix, try to download another copy of the error screening ZIP file and extract it. Still, if you fail to extract files from the ZIP archive then solve “invalid ZIP error” using Command Prompt, later extract your files.

4 steps to fix invalid ZIP error using Command Prompt:

  1. Go to Start and launch Command Prompt as Admin
  2. Jump to the folder having invalid ZIP file by changing directory (via cd command)
                Name: Main Folder
               Documents: Sub folder holding your ZIP file
  3. Type "C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip" -yf command along with quotesC:\Program Files\WinZip: Location where you have installed WinZip application Name of file showing invalid ZIP error
  4. Press Enterkey

Note: In case of split Zip files, use "C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip" -yfs command instead of one mentioned in third step.

Most of the times, you should be able to resolve invalid ZIP error using Command Prompt. If so, that’s well and good. But, when ZIP archive is severely damaged or corrupted then you can’t fix it manually. So, in such cases you need an expert damaged ZIP file repair solution. Since, it is wiser to get an apt automated fix instead of an unreliable manual repair process, which damages the ZIP archive further.

Must know- Take care of your ZIP archives:

Don’t forget the fact that “prevention is better than cure”. You can avoid most ZIP file problems if you pay attention to small issues at earlier stages. All these aspects help you to minimize errors and problems of a ZIP file. So, have a look here.

  • Ensuring proper internet connectively during transfer/download of a ZIP file
  • Verifying storage media before saving archive
  • Avoiding interruption during file transfer, etc
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