How to Split Large PST file in Outlook?

The most common issue a Microsoft Outlook user would face one or the other day is the large sized Outlook PST file. Earlier, Outlook file size had some limitations on file size. Based on the version of Outlook Maximum PST file size limit varies, like

  • 2002 and prior Outlook versions allows 2GB
  • 2003 and 2007 versions of Outlook permits 20 GB

But, now Outlook 2010, 2013 & 2016 editions support 50 GB PST file. Thus, most of us don’t pay much attention to the size of our PST files. But, we cannot overlook the factor that “Outlook profile becomes more vulnerable for corruptions as the Outlook data file size grows bigger”.

split pst file

The problems connected with an oversized PST file are numerous including,

  • Slow performance
  • Prevents you from saving data
  • Outlook profile becomes inaccessible
  • Unexpected crash/freeze of Outlook application etc.

Thus, in order to resolve all these problems, you have to split large sized Outlook PST file. But, how? No worries. Microsoft Outlook provided an inbuilt technique to split large PST files.

So, just read these methods and learn how to split large PST files first. Then, implement the same on your oversized PST file to solve your Outlook issues.

Note: In case, your Outlook is broken due to the oversized PST file and thus, your profile is not loading properly, crashing very often or you are unable to access it, then you have to repair your corrupt Outlook Profile file first and split it later. Else, you may face errors or issues during the split process.

Method 1:

  • Open your Outlook application
  • Go to File
  • Opt New
  • Choose Outlook Data File
  • Pick .pst file as New Outlook Data File
  • Hit OK button
  • Create Microsoft Personal Folder wizard will emerge
  • Name the new PST file
  • Select Edit option
  • Click on Move to Folder
  • Choose Move items and then New
  • Create New Folder window pops-up
  • Specify the newly created PST file name
  • Opt the new PST file from the Select where to place the folder option
  • Opt OK
  • Pick new folder to the new PST file using Move items
  • Finally, hit OK key

Method 2:

Pre-condition: Configure Outlook to archive items based on the Received date.

  • Open Archive

In 2007 and older Outlook editions, go to File and select Archive

In 2010 and newer editions, go to File, select Cleanup Tools, and open Archive

  • Click on Archive this folder and all subfolders
  • Pick the top most folder
  • Use Archive items older than and set date of the year after which you want to create the first archive

For instance, if you wish to create archive for 2010 and earlier, then set the date to 1st of January 2011

  • Select the check box Include items with “Do not AutoArchive” checked
  • In Browse the location to save your PST Archive file
  • Hit OK button

Repeat the above procedure (with different dates) and create separate PST files. And, choose the Compact option, at last, to remove white spaces in your PST file.

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