How to Sync a Google Android With Outlook Tasks

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Are you looking for the simple way to sync Google Android with Outlook tasks? Have you tried any applications from Google Play Store to sync Outlook tasks such as calendar, mail, contacts, etc. but failed? If yes, then continue read this short informative article to find out the best and simple method to sync Google Android with Outlook tasks.

Android OS provides an application known as “Google Calendar”, using which you can configure calendar tasks or events and access them from your Smartphone. Nevertheless, if you are using MS Outlook to manage and schedule your events and tasks, then you don’t have to worry it’s now easier to sync Android with Outlook tasks. Well to begin this task initially you have to sync Outlook to Google Calendar first, and then sync Google Calendar to Android phone.

Procedure to Sync Google Android with Outlook Tasks:

  • First download the Google Calendar app on your Android phone and then it uses Google Calendar sync from the same web page.
  • Then save the downloaded app by clicking the "Save File" option, after which the downloaded file opens automatically.
  • Click “OK” and confirm that you understand it is an executable (.exe) file
  • At the end, click on the “I Agree” option on the Google Terms of Service agreement
  • Finally hit on install option to complete the setup process. Now enter your email and password in Google calendar Sync window, then select “Sync Option” and in the "Sync every ... minutes" box select the time and then click "Save."
  • Click the Google Calendar Sync icon in the system tray to sync between Outlook and Google Calendar.
  • Open the "Google Calendar" app on the Google Android smart phone. Press "Menu" and then select "More" and "My calendars." The synced calendar from your Outlook file should show in the list. Now you can add tasks and events.

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