How to Sync iTunes with Multiple Computers?

A recent update from Apple Inc has said that the iTunes facility can be availed in 119 countries all around the global. iTunes is one of the services provided by the Apple Inc. This iTunes helps the user to entertain their selves by providing lot of media storage facilities such as songs, videos etc. This kind of facilities doesn’t end here; apart from this the Apple users can perform lot of file operations on their media files such as storing sharing, retrieving etc. and this can be done among various platforms. One of the major milestones of iTunes is syncing iTunes with multiple computers. The methods to sync iTunes with multiple computers are provided below.

On the whole this process can be done in 4 ways. They are as follows …

  • Using “Home sharing” option.
  • Using external storage devices.
  • Using purchase transferring in iTunes.
  • Using Windows migration assistant software.

Using Home Sharing: 

So far it’s considered as the easiest way to sync iTunes among multiple computers. To do this, the computers which need to be synced with iTunes must have an iTunes application installed. Apart from this a working internet connection is also needed. if all the requirements are satisfied proceed with the following steps.

In the computer that has all the iTunes source media files.

  • Turn on file sharing option in

File >> Devices >> Turn on file sharing option

  • Click on the file sharing icon in the left pane of iTunes and then enter your Apple’s id and password when prompted.
  • Finally select “Create Home share

In the computer that need to be synced with iTunes media files.

  • Click on the “Store” and authorize the computer with the same Apple id and password.
  • Turn on file sharing
  • Select the needed media files from the Home Sharing pane on the left side and click on the “import” button

Using external storage devices:

This method will be use useful for users with no internet connection. To do this just an external storage drives with sufficient space to store all the media library of iTunes application. To perform this kind of iTunes sync follow the steps provided below.

  • Find the media folder path in the source PC by using these options.

Mac OS X:   Choose iTunes >> Preferences.

Windows:  Choose Edit >> Preferences.

  • Note down the folder path and copy that folder to your external drive.
  • Now insert the external storage to the new computer and install iTunes application. Try to install the same version of iTunes application for similarity of the folder path.
  • Open the path and paste the iTunes media library in the external storage drive.

The user can deploy a working LAN platform instead of the external storage drive.

Using Purchase Transferring:

Whenever you purchase an item from iTunes store it will recorded and categorized in you Apple id. This piece of functionality can be useful to sync iTunes with multiple computers. To perform this action the iTunes user has to install the iTunes application in Mac or Windows PC.

After that using the “store” authorize the new computer using the Apple id that owes your media files. After successful authorization selects the device from the left pane of iTunes you will be provided with a list of devices that were authorized by your Apple id. Now right click on the device that is listed and select “Transfer purchases”. Another window with 2 options like this “Transfer Purchases” “Erase and sync “will appear. Hit on the “Transfer purchase” button. Within a due course of time all the media data will be available within your new computer.

Using Migration Assistant and Windows Migration Tool:

This kind of iTunes sync requires a working internet connection. To do this the both the systems must have Mac migration assistant or a Windows migration tool and both have to be on the run as well. In the source computer select the iTunes media library and sync and you will be provided with a passcode. Note down the passcode and authorize the new PC that needs to be synced with iTunes. Initiate the migration software and enter the passcode to validate. After successful validation the iTunes will be synced successfully. At times, there are several chances where the user may lose their media files while transferring among multiple computers. In case if any media files are deleted unexpectedly then  use Remo Recover Windows / Mac software to restore them. And if you want to know how to recover deleted files on iTunes then also make use of this efficient application and perform the recovery in an effective and safe manner.

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