How to Sync Outlook with Android?

You can find several applications on Android Market that you can use to connect your Android phone to Microsoft Outlook.  Once phone synchronized, you can easily access your Outlook information such as contacts, calendar events, mails etc. In this article I provided simple steps on how to sync Android phone with Outlook application. Just go through below mentioned steps to make it……

  • Tap the Android Market icon from your Android home screen. Next tap on the Gmail hyperlink and enter your user name and password credential information. Click on Sign In button to log on to Android Market. In the top of the display screen enter Outlook Sync in text area and click search.
  • A list of software applications will get displayed in which you look for free software applications such as Android Sync Manager that enable user to connect Outlook with your Android phone. If you wish to buy paid version then make sure that you have debit or credit information to make transaction successful.
  • Once you done with downloading the application then launch it on your phone successfully. Tap on the Outlook sync icon that you have just installed on your phone. Tips- user instruction for different kinds of Outlook Sync application for Android phones can differ.
  • Now tap on the Sync Settings button. Tick the check boxes to each item that you wish to synchronize with Android phone, such as calendar events folder, contacts, mails etc. Next, tap the Save button when you are done.
  • Go back to Home screen, choose Menu, and then select Settings and Applications. Choose the check box near the USB Debugging to enable the option.
  • Make sure that Outlook application is not open and running on your PC. Plug the USB cable that came with your Android phone into an open USB port on your system. Windows will automatically detect the device. Click on the Synchronization Now button. Do not unplug your Android phone from your system until the synchronization process is complete.

Now your Android phone successfully sync with Outlook application and you can easily access mails, contact, calendar events and so on. Suppose while syncing up, if you come across any interruption such as ejecting your Android phone abruptly even though synchronization is still under process. In such situation, there are chances that your Android phone may get corrupt and results in loss of data such as media files, doc etc. In order to get those lost data, use Remo Recover for Android application because it is one the best applications to restore data from Android phone’s internal and external memory in a couple of minutes. In addition, even you can make use of this tool to retrieve deleted photos from Samsung Mini 2. Learn more by visiting given link.

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