How to Sync Windows 8 with Android Phone?

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Syncing your Windows 8 PC with your Android phone is a great way to get your data from your computer to your new smartphone. The syncing will also allow the Android smartphone to be constantly updated every time you connect your Android smartphone to the Windows 8 PC. All you need is a USB cable, a few clicks of the mouse and just few minutes to transfer your files to the Android smartphone. Moreover, with Windows 8, synchronization is made much easier and simpler as it has been designed with desktop file management and synchronization across multiple platforms and devices. Just read below to know these easy steps:

  • Turn on your Windows 8 PC and Android phone. Wait for both to complete their startup procedures before proceeding to the next step.
  • Plug a USB cable into the USB port on your computer and plug its other end into the Android smartphone. Some models of Android smartphones will have the USB port behind a rubber seal. If so, peel the seal and slot the USB plug into the port beneath.
  • Click on the USB Storage Device when your Windows 8 computer prompts you with a pop-up menu. Even if you are syncing the phone via Windows Media Player later, first you need to authorize your phone to act like a store device after that your Android smartphone will appear as a drive icon on your desktop.
  • Now, just double-click on your Windows Media Player icon in your Start menu
  • Click on the “Sync” tab that is located on the top, this will display a list of all the phones currently attached to the computer
  • Then hit on the white box select Set Up Sync option in the drop-down menu and type in the name of the Android smartphone (the name that was given by you when you first set up your Android phone).
  • Click on the “Finish” button and just wait for your Windows Media Player to list your music database on the phone
  • Now, synchronization of the files between your computer and the Android smartphone will begin

After a few minutes, the synchronization process will be completed. During the transfer process be careful and do not disconnect the phone it could corrupt the memory card of your Android phone which leads to the loss of your vital files. In case you do have to disconnect the phone, reconnect it and re-sync the Android smartphone as soon as possible. If all you have unplugged the phone abruptly and have lost your vital files, there is no need to worry; you can make use of the Remo Recover for Android utility. This software will let you recover all your lost or deleted files like images, video, music, and even the application package files (.apk files) from your Android devices. In addition, you can make use of this tool to perform Samsung Galaxy Note photo recovery process on Windows machine. Know more by visiting the provided link.

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