How to sync your Android and your PC?

Synchronizing your Android Smartphone with your laptop or desktop computer is a best way to get music collection into your phone. In order to perform synchronizing just you need is a USB cable and you need to perform few mouse clicks. If you are new to Android phone and do not know to how to sync it with PC, just follow below mentioned steps and you will come to know clearly.

In the beginning, turn on your Android phone and computer. Just turn on your Android phone by pressing the power button.  Switch on both device and wait until both devices get started before carrying out below mentioned steps.

As your PC and phone start up, plug USB cable into the USB port available on PC meanwhile plug other end of USB cable to your Android phone. In some models of Android phones will have USB port behind the rubber seal.

After the moment you connect, PC prompts with pop up message i.e. “USB Storage Device” click on it. Even though you syncing your phone with Windows Media Player, you should make your phone to act as storage device. In few seconds, your Android phone will show as drive icon on your PC.

In PC’s desktop, click on start menu, select Windows Media Player icon. List of phones currently connected to system will available when you click on the “Sync” tab on the top.  Then click on the white box and choose “Set Up Sync” in the drop down menu. If you are connecting first time then type in the name of the Android phone. Click “Finish” and then wait for the Windows Media player to inventory the music database on the phone.

There are chances of losing data on both devices when you sync Android Phone and computer. Suppose, if you connect Android phone to your PC without scanning it. In case that connected device is affected from virus and malware threats then these threats also spread into your system and further cause data loss in your system. In such time if you wish to recover data then use Remo Recover Windows application that can easily restore whatever data lost upon virus threats in few minutes.

Other data loss scenario is, losing data from Android device. Suppose if you connect your device to virus infected computer, the moment you connect to computer, virus spread into your Android device and starts corrupting file system and resulting into data loss. In such situation if you have lost data then use Remo Recover for Android tool that has capability to restore phone’s internal memory including SD card in a safest mode.

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