How to Transfer Data from Old Computer to Windows 8

When you consider a computer then you will surely have your important data in it. Consider that you have a computer in which you have stored some important data; it is obvious that the data will be stored within the hard drive and this hard drive is called internal hard drive as it is internally attached to the computer. Now assume that you want to transfer your old computer’s data to a brand new Windows 8 PC. It is obvious that it will be very difficult to detach and attach an internal hard drive for transferring data from one computer to another. But this cannot be the best way which can be employed. However, below are some of the easiest ways which can be followed to transfer data between computers.

Cloud Storage is employed usually to backup important data but it can also be used to transfer data from one computer to another computer. Storing data on cloud is very expensive and transferring data between computers can take very long time.

Flash drive or external hard disk can be used for easy file transfer between two computers but due to limited storage capacity this method is sometimes not beneficial for a user. Also, sometimes, in the process of data transfer, there are chances of losing your vital data.

Third Party Tool can be very best choice for transferring data from one computer to another however for Windows based operating system Windows Easy Transfer tool is best application which can perform the data transfer for free. This tool is included in Windows 7 and Windows 8 but for other versions you may have to download the software separately. It will basically migrate the data rather than just transferring it from one computer to another. The following files can be migrated using Windows Easy Transfer

  • Program settings
  • User accounts and settings
  • Internet settings and favorites
  • Files and folders
  • E-mail settings
  • Contacts and messages
  • Music
  • Pictures and videos

This application facilitates you with many great features which can be very helpful for you in order to perform a secure transfer from one computer to another. These are some of the easy methods that help you in transferring your important data from old PC to your new Windows 8 computer.

Suppose if you have come across file loss  situation while transferring data from one computer to another then make use of third party data recovery application like Remo Recover. This application provides easy means of recovering data from any storage devices such as external hard drives, flash drives, memory card, and other storage devices. In addition, you can make use of this application to recover data after Windows re-install in a couple of minutes.

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