4 Ways to 'Undo' Deletion

You, me …us, all of us have wished at one point or the other that 'Life' should come with an ‘undo’ button but we all know that’s not really possible. However, there are certain things which are under our control. One of them is retrieving and securing our data.

We often lose our data due to accidental deletion. Sometimes, we purposefully delete the data only to realize later that it was important. This entire post is dedicated to how one can undo the action of deletion.

So How Do You Undo Deletion?

#1. Ctrl+Z: Your keyboard is equipped with buttons of 'Ctrl' and the letter 'Z'. Obviously, you and I both are aware of it. One of the most powerful keyboard shortcuts to undo an action is to press the Ctrl & Z button simultaneously. As per statistics, very few PC users make use of it and there is a few percentage who are even unaware of it. The use of 'Ctrl+Z' is immediate and implemented in cases where the user has deleted the data or files in the heat of the moment or due to mere recklessness. Summing up, making use of  'Ctrl+Z' is one of the easiest ways to restore deleted files or reverse the action.

#2. Recycle Bin: Any rudimentary PC user will know the existence of Recycle Bin. Deleted files can be found there. Often the power of recycle bin is underrated. Files which are accidentally deleted using the command prompt or any other way land up in the recycle bin. These deleted files can be easily recovered from the bin using the ‘Restore’ option. The option can be viewed if you right-click on the icon of the files you wish to restore. this way you can 'undo' deletion.

#3. Actually ‘Undo’: Several Desktop applications in Windows come with the ‘undo’ option. Applications like Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Paint, Microsoft PowerPoint come with the ‘undo’ option.

#4. Data Recovery Software: The above-mentioned ways are undoubtedly useful and must have saved the day several times. But, sometimes the situation can be more serious than it appears to be. Your data can get deleted for several reasons, some could be just human error or carelessness while some could be intentional deletion. But, the moment of helplessness arrives when you realize that the data is permanently deleted and none of the above-mentioned methods can help in retrieving it back. Thankfully, data retrieval for severe cases is difficult but not impossible. An efficient data recovery software will save the day. Here you can know more about to how to recover deleted files.

Friendly Suggestion: It is always safe to have a backup of all the important data because mishaps don’t announce their arrival.

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