How to Uninstall Apple Remote Desktop Client?

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“I often download programs to test them before I buy them, and I grabbed Apple Remote Desktop and decided that I wouldn't need it. Well, how do I uninstall it now? I seem to have it uninstalled it but in the networking panel, it still shows the Apple remote desktop client and shows it even in the software update. How to remove or uninstall the Apple Remote Desktop Client”

Actually, Apple Remote Desktop Client is a software application that is often used by network administrators, teachers, or anyone who wants to monitor and control numerous systems on one network. As said in the above situation, there may arise a situation wherein either the software would crash or may feel that it is not required anymore.  In such instances, you would wish to uninstall it from your Mac machines. Unlike other Mac applications, you cannot simply drag and drop, if it malfunctions. It needs extra work because it has files in multiple locations.

Here on this page, you can find the steps required to uninstall the software from your Mac machine. However, the software has three versions that are all differentiated by the number after the name. Each version incorporates a different procedure. Don’t worry! This page covers all the versions, read on...

For version 1: Apple Remote Desktop 1

  1. First, just click on the “Apple Remote Desktop” icon and drag it into the trash that is located in the docked toolbar on one edge of the screen.
  2. Now, just empty the Trashcan by double-clicking the software icon and then pressing the Empty button located on the top right of the Finder box.
  3. Then just download the Apple Remote Desktop uninstaller and install it on your Mac machine
  4. Run the uninstaller this will remove all the files that are linked to Apple Remote Desktop from your machine

For Version 2 & 3: Apple Remote Desktop 2 and 3

In the case of Apple Remote Desktop version 2 and version 3, the instructions for uninstalling are same and it goes as it is explained below:

  1. Click on the Apple Remote Desktop icon and simply drag it into the Trashcan
  2. Then just empty the Trashcan by double-clicking the icon and clicking the Empty button
  3. Search through the Finder and open the terminal program. If you are not aware of its location, simply type terminal into the search bar in your Finder. Your Mac will search for you and locate it.
  4. After this just copy the following commands into the Terminal and press the Enter button on your keyboard:
  • $ sudo rm -rf /var/db/RemoteManagement
  • $ sudo rm /Library/Preferences/
  • $ rm ~/Library/Preferences/

For Version 3 the above commands are enough but in case you have Remote Desktop Version 3, you will also have to use the following commands in addition to the above commands:

  • $ sudo rm -r /Library/Application\ Support/Apple/Remote\ Desktop/
  • $ rm -r ~/Library/Application\ Support/Remote\ Desktop/

Close the Terminal application

This will uninstall your Apple Remote Desktop client successfully. It’s a lengthy and time-consuming procedure and needs extra care to uninstall software. If these commands are not typed correctly, then you may encounter serious system issues. Hence, it’s better to use the Remo Privacy Cleaner tool that can uninstall and remove your unused programs including your Apple Remote Desktop client in just one click. It’s the easiest and the best way to get rid of all your unused programs and junk data on your Mac machines.

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