How to uninstall Programs completely

Installation and un-installation of programs are the basic operations done by any computer user. In order to remove program in Windows computer, users uninstall it from Control Panel but sometimes the default installation utility offered by the program will not remove the program fully. It leaves few entries in Windows Registry and some files in many folders in your hard drives. These leftovers might minimize the performance of your system and there is no point to keep them in your computer.

Procedure to uninstall the program form control Panel

  • Go to Start menu and click on Control Panel
  • The Control Panel will be typically displayed in one of two different ways: either in Category View (8 – 9 icons with few options) or an Icon view (large list of icons). If it is in Category view then under the “Programs” category click on “Uninstall a program” link else click on the “Programs and Features” icon.
  • Now you will get a list of all the programs on your computer, wherein search and locate the unwanted one i.e. which you want to uninstall
  • If the program does not appear on the list, just check out if it has its own uninstallation tool. This will be typically located in the Start menu group (Start -> All Programs -> Program Name or Company).
  • Now, select the program to uninstall and right click on it. You will now get an option “Uninstall” just click on it to begin the uninstallation process. You will be asked if you want to continue.
  • All programs will have their own uninstallation programs, you may be asked to provide feedback or any such options just follow the process and provide the necessary details
  • Once done you will receive a confirmation window.

Now, just go to the location of the program where the setup files were saved and delete all the files related to the program. However, many times, junk files and registry entries will be left behind during the uninstallation process. These can hinder your computer speed over time, especially if you are installing and uninstalling programs on a regular basis. Programs such as Remo MORE can help to remove such unwanted files, remove unwanted registry entries and clear temp folders easily to keep your computer running smoothly.

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