How to upgrade Windows 8?

Windows 8 updates are here..! Microsoft has come up with Windows 8.1 with many updated features. Windows 8.1 brings some greatly anticipated new features like Start button, powerful new included apps, a search function that shows the results both from the web and your hard drive better browser, ability to see multiple Windows in Modern UI and lots more. If you are a Windows 8 user and want to enjoy these features then you will have to upgrade your Windows 8 OS to Windows 8.1.? Here’s how to upgrade your Windows 8 PC to Windows 8.1. These few simple steps help you out to perform this

Check for your System Requirements:  Before installing any updates, first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is to check for the memory availability. Check for the OS requirements and your system memory, make sure you have sufficient memory and all needed requirements to install Windows 8 upgrades.

Backup your computer: Even though your certain critical files and apps will be retained when you upgrade to Windows 8.1, it’s always a good idea to backup anything you don’t want to lose as errors do occur. These errors could interrupt the process making your files inaccessible.

Install all latest updates: Before you install Windows 8.1, your PC has to be equipped will latest updates. Make sure your PC is plugged into a power supply and is connected to the Internet. This will help you and ensure that the update installs properly. Even though Windows updates are automatically downloaded and installed by default, its always better check Windows Update for all necessary updates.

Install Windows 8.1: Now, download and install your Windows 8.1. Navigate to the Start screen, click or tap the Windows Store tile (that features a shopping bag) and then select Windows 8.1 panel that is displayed on the Windows Store homepage. If you cannot view this, then you may have to install the other Windows updates prior to updating the OS.

After doing this and once you located, click or tap the Download button that is of purple color and is positioned in the top-left corner. Then your Windows 8.1 will automatically get downloaded and installed in the background. If any further actions or updates are needed then the installer will inform before completing the update process. In any case the downloading or installation processes is interrupted, then just click or tap the download button again to resume from where you left off.

Restart and set up: Then just Restart your computer when prompted by following the initial installation procedure. This process might take up to a few hours depending on your system speed or allow Windows to start automatically after 15 minutes. Once your computer restarts, accept the Microsoft software license terms and continue as explained in the on-screen setup wizard displayed.

However, even if your desktop apps seem to be fully updated, all previously-downloaded Windows Store apps have to be reinstalled manually. For this, just navigate to the Start screen, click or tap the Windows Store tile move to the Your apps section of the Store. Now, just select all the apps that you want to install before opting to Install option. All your apps will be automatically downloaded in the background while you work. Thus, your Windows 8 updates are installed successfully and you can experience the whole new and advanced features of Windows 8.1.

Just by following these steps you can upgrade your Windows 8. But, one has to be very careful while accomplishing this; you will have to take back up of your entire data before starting this process. In case if the up gradation is interrupted then there are chances of losing your vital data. In such cases, you can make use of this backup copy and restore back your data. In case you forgot to take backup, and then utilize Remo Recover Software software to get back your complete data from your Windows 8 machines. The tool can easily  find data from upgraded Windows 8 system and extracts them safely without damaging the data.


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