How to Use Android NFC

What is NFC in Android?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology which is used for establishing communications between NFC capable devices via radio frequencies. As the name suggests the communication is near field i.e. the communication is short-ranged. NFC technology is alike Bluetooth technology, but the communication range of NFC devices are comparatively very short which is nearly 4cm. and on the other hand Bluetooth devices can be paired under proximity of 50 meters.

How do you check whether your Android device is NFC enabled?

NFC enabled devices make use of a NFC chip through which the communication will be established. By tapping the Settings option on Android device you will come to know whether the device is NFC enabled or not.

Navigating through the following path “Settings > Wireless & Networks > More > here you can see NFC option”. In the above mentioned path if you find NFC option then it is confirmed that your device is NFC enabled.

How and where can you use NFC?

In order to use NFC you have to first enable NFC in the device, to enable NFC go to the following path “Settings > Wireless & Networks > More > here you can see NFC option > tap on the NFC switch to enable NFC”.

NFC capable devices can be used in following ways:

Data sharing is one of the major advantages of NFC. However, NFC works together with Android Beam thus if Android Beam is disabled then this may limit sharing capability of NFC. In order to perform data sharing using NFC it is required that all the devices involved in sharing should be NFC enabled, and the devices should not be asleep or locked.

Data sharing involves sharing of all sorts of data such as apps, web content, online videos, contact info, photos and many others. Apart from data sharing you can even do wireless payments (includes online payments, paying for parking meters and many others). NFC tags are available that are used to store bytes of info (example business cards) such as hyperlink; in addition NFC can also be used for opening car doors.

To use all these advantages of NFC, your Android internet connection should be of high speed. In case your internet speed is slow on Android device then just use Remo MORE app to optimize internet speed and increase your Android browsing speed to enjoy all NFC features and advantages.

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