How to Use Cortana on Windows 10

Windows 10 brings its digital assistant Cortana from Windows phones to desktops. Yes, Cortana is now available on Windows 10 desktops too. It is one of the coolest features of Windows 10. It isn’t just a voice assistant that listens to you and does what you say, but could even type commands and questions. It helps you find things on your Windows 10 computers, track packages, schedule events, chat with you and more.

You can use Cortana in two ways: using voice commands and also you can type out commands in the search box. In order to use voice commands for Cortana you need to enable ‘Hey Cortana’ feature. When this feature is ON, you can just say “Hey Cortana” loud and trigger voice commands without even pressing a single button.

  • On the task bar, just click on the search box
  • In the next window, you can see Notebook icon on the left side of the window
  • Then click on the “Settings” icon Search for “Cortana settings” in your Start Menu
  • Now you need to just enable the toggle under “Hey Cortana” and slide it to ON position
  • If required you can choose “to me” under “Respond best” option to tailor Cortana to your voice. Once done, you need to give some voice samples to Cortana to teach your voice.

With this Microsoft’s personal assistant for Windows 10, Cortana will be set. You can go about and use your computer normally and when you need the assistance of Cortana to perform any of your task you can just say “Hey, Cortana” on your microphone followed by your command. That’s it! It’s that simple. Whether you need weather reports, schedule meetings or want to find things on your computer or internet Cortana will help you out.

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