How to Use Disk Management in Windows 8

Disk management is a utility which is available on all Windows operating system versions such as Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. This inbuilt tool is capable of performing disk related management tasks like such as creating, shrinking / resizing, deleting or extending disk partitions without even having to purchase other software.

How to open Disk Management utility in Windows 8?

Most of the users new to Windows 8 OS would be worried on using this disk management utility. However you can easily get down to Disk Management utility by following below mentioned steps:

  • If you are not at the Apps screen then tap on the arrow icon which is at the bottom of the screen
  • Now on the Apps screen click on Windows System by swiping towards right
  • Select Control Panel under Windows System category, and then click on System and Security
  • Under this window select Administrative Tools option
  • Click on Disk Management situated on the left panel of Computer Management window
  • Then click on Disk Management option to view complete disk info at the right side of window

Disk management contains two major categories where the top section contains all the partitions which are recognized by Windows and the bottom section holds graphical illustration of physical drives installed within your computer.

How to use Disk Management in Windows 8?

  • Delete disk partition using Disk Management

Deletion of partition at times become essential when you desire to extend the current partition, want different partition size etc. This can be performed by right-clicking on the partition you desire to remove, and then form the drop-down menu select "Delete Volume" option. After this you will be prompted with confirmation screen. Thus in that situation if you are sure that you want to remove the partition then click on Yes option.

  • Alter drive letter and label of your partition

Sometimes you may desire to change label and letter of your partition. You can do this by using disk management utility. Here just right-click on the partition that need to be altered by name and label. Now, in the drop down menu select "Change Drive Letter and Paths" option and from the next window follow on screen instructions to accomplish the task.

  • Format partition using disk management utility

First make sure that before you format particular partition there is no essential data within it. Then in the disk management right click on the partition that you want to format and from the drop down menu click on “Format” option. A new window will appear which will ask you to provide essential info like Volume Label, File system, Allocation unit size etc. After providing necessary info just click on OK button and then again click on OK button to confirm format operation.

These are some of the commonly performed actions using Disk Management utility however there are many other tasks too which can be performed by this tool. Improper usage or using Disk Management utility without having proper knowledge can result in huge data loss from your hard drive. Therefore before trying or attempting to do anything using Disk Management utility make sure you are opting for the correct option. This is because if you go wrong in any one of the step then you will lose your essential data. Nevertheless, in such cases you can make use of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) tool to recover erased files on Windows 8 machines in just few clicks without causing any damage to any of your data.

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