How to use Memory Stick on PSP?

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Bought new PlayStation Portable (PSP), but not sure about how you can use it or connect the memory stick to the new PSP? Don’t worry; here are few simple guidelines for using your memory stick on PSP.

PlayStation Portable in short called as PSP, is a small and portable gaming console that is developed by Sony. It is the best video gaming console that uses optical disk format, Universal Media disk and a robust multi-media capabilities etc. It also has its primary storage memory, additionally, it even has a slot to use other memory sticks to store the games or other files. Using this memory stick even helps in transferring the files from your PSP to the computer or vice versa. But, how to use it on PSP? Don’t worry; here is a perfect guide that helps you to use memory stick on PlayStation Portable. Just have a glance on the simple procedure:

Insert the Memory Stick to PSP

On the side of your PSP you will find an expansion slot that has very small text reading "Memory Stick" on it. Simply place the memory stick in the slot with the logo side facing you and close the slot. Turn on your PSP, and your PSP should recognize the new memory stick instantly. It might ask if you want to format it, then just highlight “OK” and press the “X” button.

Note: If you have any files on this memory stick, then they will be lost if you format it. Be careful while marking any option.

Save files on memory Stick

Download files: You can easily download games to the memory stick directly from the PlayStation store and save them on to your PSP Memory Stick. Once you have downloaded these games they will only work with your PSP and cannot be transferred to another Memory Stick.

Save movies and music to the memory stick: You can even put your personal media files on your PSP. For this you will have to connect PSP to your computer via a Memory Stick port or adapter. Then you can save your media directly to the stick on your computer. Now, you can even play them back on your PSP by inserting it into the PSP slot.

Format Memory Stick on PSP

You must format your Memory Stick before you use it with your PSP. This will create the necessary folders for storing and media files on the Memory Stick. In case it already contains some existing data then the data will be erased during the process. Hence, make sure that you have made a backup of any files that you wish to keep before proceeding.

  • Go to System Settings menu, and select the Format Memory Stick option that is placed underneath Settings
  • You will be prompted to confirm that you would like to format the Memory Stick hence, select “Yes” and press on X button to proceed
  • Since, formatting the Memory Stick on PSP erases all data, you will be asked again to confirm in order to proceed and format the Memory Stick by pressing the X button

Now your Memory stick on PSP will be formatted successfully. In case you have lost your data then by using the backup can restore your data back easily. If not then, you will have to rely on some memory stick recovery tool like Remo Recover to get back and restore your data back.

Eject your Memory Stick on PSP

In order to eject the Memory Stick, open the slot cover and gently remove the Memory stick from the PSP and just release it.

Be careful while removing the Memory stick. This is because; if it is mishandled then your PSP memory stick will get corrupt and causes data loss. In case you encounter such situations then use Remo Recover Software to get back your entire data. The tool actually works exceptionally well and retrieves back your complete data even from the corrupt memory stick. Thus, with these simple guidelines you can use memory stick on your PSP.

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