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Spotlight on Mac is a search utility that helps you find your files in a very convenient way. With the help of Spotlight, you can search for things such as documents, applications, media files, and other files. As time passes Mac might accumulate an enormous amount of files, but when it comes to accessing any specific file then it would become difficult if the location is not known. However, in such situations, a spotlight tool can come in handy which searches the result within the blink of an eye. What is more special about this tool is that the utility can spot the words contained within a document or any other file. This incredible feature becomes very much useful when you don’t remember the exact name and location of the file where it was saved.

Here could find some excellent tips on using the spotlight search in an effective way. In order to utilize Spotlight first locate the magnifying glass icon located on upper right corner of the menu bar and click on it, or just make use of the shortcut “Command-Space” from any application to open Spotlight. When you click on the spotlight it appears at the center of your screen. As you type the words to search you can see that you will be suggested by many words which provides you an easy way to find files. Thus just typing few letters is enough for accessing your favorite apps quickly.

Moreover, when the suggestions are listed you can use the up or down keys of your keyboard or the mouse pointer to scroll through the suggestion, by this you can get a preview of the result before getting into it in detail. Furthermore, the spotlight includes a rich database of dictionaries through which you can get definitions of any given word. Also, you can even convert currencies, obtain calculations (for example by typing “50 dollars” or “1+2” you will obtain instant results), and perform other functions using spotlight.

Additionally, when some other Mac computers are connected to your network you can search for files even on those Mac computers using the spotlight tool provided sharing is ON. However, in some cases, you might have stored the same files twice which leads to duplicates. In such cases, the spotlight would show results for both and hence may not find satisfactory results. Just delete duplicate files using Remo MORE tool in just one click to get effective results from spotlight.

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