Imaging vs. Backup software

Imaging and Backup may sound same but in real they are different. There are a lot of differences between imaging data and data backup. Imaging is the secondary storage of the needed data on a single roof. All the data will be bound in a single file format such as an ISO, DAA disk image file types. There is several images backup software available in the internet market for free as well as a paid one.  At the same time data backup refers to the secondary data of the needed one which are stored as it is. For example if a user wants to backup a word file he / she will just copy that word file and save that in another location so that even if the original source data is destroyed the user can use it from the saved secondary location. In both the cases they are commonly used for the backup purposes. Apart from this similarity they differ a lot which are explained in detail below.

Imaging vs. Backup software

Imaging data:

Normally the imaging method is for deploying large data volumes in organization for backup purpose. At the same here the data processing is tedious because the whole part of the data inside the disk or a large volume of data is imaged which ultimately grab some time. When it was first introduced the data image is used for creating the multiple copies disks of same data to cut off the time. At the same time the early data images can be written only once and not more. Today its customized the data can be added, edited, sorted etc and all kinds of file operation can be done as well. A disk imaging software will fetch the needed data from the user or in automatic to create the disk images.


  • Highly safe and secure
  • The accuracy of the data is almost cent percent
  • Can be easily stored or converted to a CD / DVD disk storage for portable purpose
  • Suitable for larger data volumes that need to be backed up on regular basis
  • Suitable for data deployed for complex process such as OS installation, disk mirroring process etc
  • Cutoff unwanted space and compress the data


  • Though the data customization is possible but it needs the apt tool to customize or edit the data inside the image
  • Due to the data compression of large volumes creating images may consume time and performance of the PC in more numbers
  • A small error will affect the entire disk image resulting in data destruction

Data backup software:

In a data backup process all the data stored in the secondary location that are saved for emergency purpose will replicate the data source as it is. The software deployed for this purpose is called Backup software. The main thing about this kind of software is they will use all possible mechanism for backup purpose. For example, they can use data imaging as well. In most cases, data of small amount and data that are used rarely are backed up directly without using the data imaging mechanism.


  • No need compression and decompression
  • Since we are using the data as it is there is no chance of conversion and crypto graphical errors
  • Doesn’t need a special software or mechanism to read / write the data
  • Suitable for extremely smaller data which are not eligible for imaging
  • Easy data update and data editing


  • Since the data is used directly, sometimes there appear errors while duplicating such as read / write errors.

Whatever may be the type, it may be imaging or backup software. It depends on the environment and user needs. If it’s a small scale the user can copy paste the files and if it’s a large scale data imaging can be deployed but the goal is to get back the needed data at emergency times. However, data loss is possible in both disk image and backup as well. In case if the data loss is system oriented it can be recovered by using good recovery software like Remo Recover.  In addition, this application also used to recover data from hard drive after format.

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