How to Import Your Files and Settings from Your Old Computer to Windows 10

For many of us, we have to put in a good amount of consideration, when it comes to moving on to a new system like Windows 10. We often get into a debate with ourselves on whether, we really need it or not. Most of the time, it is not because we cannot afford it, but simply, because we are so comfortable using the old system and settings. More than anything, we do not want to lose the files and the photos and videos that have been so precious to us the whole time. For those of us, who also use our system for work and it is stored with official and sensitive documents, the very thought of losing it makes us shudder. These feelings and dilemma is common since, most of us experience it.

But, it is important to know that you can get your files and settings from your old computer imported to Windows 10. Now that you know it is alright to move on to Windows 10 with all your files, your photos, videos and the comfortable settings. What is so nice about this is that you can do it on your own. And yes, you do not have to be a techie person.

There are several ways to go about it.

So, here are the simple steps on how to go about the process to import your files and setting on Windows 10.

  • Copy and move all your old files to a new disk i.e. you move them all to an external hard drive.
  • Download and install your programs onto the new PC. This basically means transferring your files will not actually install any software programs on your PC. You will have to download them form their respective websites.
  • Adjust your settings. Just the way you adjusted your old computer so, it worked the way you wanted it. You will have to do it again, with every application and setting.

The other option to go about transferring your files onto Windows 10 is as follows:

If you have already been using OneDrive, for all your files storage then you will be able to access your files from any new PC. Even on Windows 10, all your files will be available. All you need to do is log in and your account will be synched. And if you use Windows store then all your installing apps are kept in the history library and the apps can be reinstalled from there.

This was another option to make importing your files and settings from your old computer on to Windows 10. The other way to go about is given below:

There is a Built-in-Tool available in Windows called as Windows Easy Transfer. If you have been using Windows 7 and are moving to Windows 10 then this is something you can opt for.

Make sure, while doing this run both Windows 7 and Windows 10 on your old and new computer.

  • Plug the Windows transfer the cable into a free USB port on each of the PCs. Open Windows easy transfer.
  • On the new computer, you need to select whether this is the new or old computer.
  • The transfer will ask do you need to install Windows Easy Transfer on your old computer. Choose “I already installed on my old computer” or “My old computer is running Windows 7”.
  • Windows Easy Transfer will connect two computers and then you can choose what you want to transfer from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Choose ‘advanced’ to select specific files to transfer rather than the Whole folder. Back in the main window, ‘the Advanced Option’ lets you decide; whether to pull the whole user account associated with the files and settings from the old PC to the new PC or to merge it into an account already on the new PC.
  • After choosing wanted files, select ‘Transfer’. Then, wait patiently. You’ll finally successfully use Windows Easy Transfer from 7 to 10.

There are other options of importing files and settings from old computer to Windows 10. But for that you will have to download the ‘Paid Software’ that is available.

Whenever you are going to import files and settings from your old computer to Windows 10, there is a possibility that you might lose a file; such as missing photos or videos. Because remember, you are importing a lot of things and its common. So, don’t panic! If something like that does happen just, go to recovery of deleted or lost video files. Those files can be recovered.


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