Import MS Outlook Backup File on Your Computer

Have you been using an old computer for long and recently switched to a new one? There are many changes when we change, upgrade or renew our computer. In such cases, you always need to take backups of your data on your hard drive. Along with the data, you also need a backup of all your email, calendar, notes, contacts which you have in your Outlook email. In order to import MS Outlook backup files, you need to follow a few steps.

In order to make the transfer/migration process easy and convenient, creating and Outlook data backup file is a very good option. You can either make a periodical backup of Outlook data files or create one at the time of transfer. If you are using Outlook 2010, then Outlook 2010 pst backup process can help you make your Outlook data migration easy. You can create a backup of any Outlook file for migrating the data to your new computer.

There is just one important factor you should keep in mind about backing up Outlook pst files. If you create a backup in Apple computer, the file is called an Outlook for Mac or OLM file. But a backup file created on windows will be a PST file or personal folder file. You can’t use a .olm file on a windows computer, neither can you use the .pst file on a Mac.

Import Outlook Backup

To import the Outlook backup .pst file on your computer, follow these steps:

1 – Open Outlook on Windows

2 – Click File – You will be able to see it on the top left corner of the screen.

3 – Select “Open & Export” from the left pane.

4 – Click on the Import/Export button – It is displayed in the main window with green and blue arrows pointing opposite to each other.

5 – Select “Import from another program of file” from the Import/export wizard.

6 – Click Next

7 – Select “Outlook Data File (.pst)”

8- Click Next

9 – Go to Browse and select a location to save your .pst data files.

10 – Select the file to backup and click Open

11 – Use the Options to manage your PST files – This is helpful if you save your .pst data file on a regular basis. Choose appropriate option to save your Outlook data files.

12 – Click Next

13 – Select the Folder to import – Choose Outlook data file, if you wish to include all the content of .pst backup.

14 – If you wish to import specific files, Go to the dropdown and check the options for specific data.

15 – Make sure the “Include Subfolder” option is checked – This helps you to include all the subfolders under your desired backup field.

16 – Choose the options to save the new data – Select from “Import items into the current folder” or “Import item in the same folder”. You will get these options in the drop-down menu.

17 – Once you have selected all the desired settings, Click Finish

The import process takes a while to complete, you can wait till the time when your system imports your PST files. Once the PST file is imported, you will be able to use them on your new computer.

Make sure, not to cause any disturbance during the import. Such anomaly during import may cause your .pst data file to corrupt. Sometimes, an improper import can leave your system without any data file at all. Making sure the import is proper can save you from a lot of trouble.

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