How to Import PSD Files into Adobe Illustrator and Indesign

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Being a graphic designer or web designer, there are times when you need to import an image created in Adobe Photoshop into Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe InDesign in order to create more effects. So here we provide the steps to import or open PSD files into Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

What are the options available in Photoshop import options?

When you open a Photoshop file that contains multiple layers, you can set the options which are listed below.

When Updating Link: This option specifies how to handle layer visibility settings when updating a linked Photoshop file that includes layer comps.

Keep Layer Visibility Overrides: Update the linked image based on the layer visibility in the layer comp when you place the file

Use Photoshop’s Layers Visibility: Update the linked image based on the current state of the layer visibility in the Photoshop file.

How to Import Photoshop files into Adobe Illustrator

Import the Photoshop file into Adobe Illustrator using the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Import Photoshop file into Adobe Illustrator:

Open PSD file in Illustrator:

  • Launch the Adobe Illustrator application
  • Open a new document by going to File – New in the menu bar
  • To open your PSD file, go to File – Open and select the document you have to open

Place PSD file in Illustrator:

This step is best suited if you want to incorporate a Photoshop document within an existing Adobe Illustrator document which makes the PSD file editable within Adobe Illustrator

  • Launch Illustrator, go to File – Place
  • Locate the Photoshop file you have to import, and click Place. Also, make sure that the Link option is not selected.

Opening or placing unlinked PSD file will prompt a dialog box with some options. You need to choose the appropriate option and hit OK.

Place PSD file in Illustrator (not editable):

You can use this method for incorporating Photoshop files into an existing Illustrator document. Although the Photoshop file will not be editable further, it will maintain a link to the original PSD file.

  • Launch Illustrator, go to File – Place
  • Locate the Photoshop file you have to import, and click Place. See to it that the Link option is not selected.

Additional Info: If you have issues with your PSD file, like PSD file corruption, the file not opening, unsaved PSD, etc., then you can use this PSD Repair tool to fix your PSD file in just a few steps quickly.

Steps to Import Photoshop file into Adobe InDesign:

  1. Launch the Adobe InDesign application
  2. Choose Selection from the toolbox and click on graphics frame where the PSD file is to be contained
  3. Now go to File – Place to locate the Photoshop file. Click on Show Import Options in order to set specific options for the imported PSD file
  4. Double-click on the file name and click the Open button to place the file in InDesign. Show Import Options box will be opened, and it prompts you to choose the import setting option. Check the Show Preview checkbox to see the effects of the options you chose.
  5. If you are satisfied with the settings, then click OK to complete the import process

The Photoshop file will appear in the graphics frame that you selected in Step 2. Hope this helped.

At times, you might face issues with PSD files like PSD file corruption, the error message like PSD file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop, PSD file not opening, and so on. All these problems can be fixed with a reliable PSD Repair tool.

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