If you don’t care about Parental Controls, here’s why you should

The internet is a wonderful resource for kids. There are many sites that can help children in their class projects, assignments and more. It’s filled with useful information. But with all the advantages the internet have, there are disadvantages too. Some websites cater inappropriate content and encourage bad habits- drug use, porn addiction etc. This is extremely harmful to kids.

In order to ensure, the child stay healthy and safe  free from any disorder or psychological illness, parents must constantly watch and monitor his/her online & device activities. They must be able to limit their kids’ such activities. Here, comes the relevance of Parental controls .

The Dark Side of Social Media:

In earlier days, social media addiction used to start in adolescence. As social media channels becoming more accessible to everyone, it’s getting available to tween ages also. In these days, there’s been a considerable decrease in the number of kids who loves to play outdoor games. There’s no surprise wherein - smartphones have replaced football and baby dolls from a kid’s wish list.

The Internet has become an inborn part of our life. It is a boon but at the same time, it can be dangerous too. In a recent survey, it was estimated - 56 percent of children between the ages of 10 to 13 own a smartphone. This obsession can create a negative impact on kids’ mental health.

Children who stick to their cell phones for a long time pay less interest and concentration on studies. This can directly impact on their grades.

What is the Importance of Parental Control?

  • There are many dangerous apps for children out there that every parent should know. Parents have to aware of the apps their kids using and should provide guidance to them for choosing the right smartphone apps.
  • The Internet is filled with many online predators, cyber bullies and cyber criminals who are looking to swindle people of any age, especially kids and teens.
  • Kids spend more time on social media – spoiling their valuable time and harming their mental health.
  • Many of the kids are not aware of the cyber criminals in their social media circles.
  • Parents can’t be there all the time to watch on their kids.

That’s why Parental control tools make a parent’s job easy. They monitor the kids’ online activities and alert their parents at the right time.

Remo MORE helps to keep kids safe online. This advanced app lets parents monitor their kids and know what they are doing online. This app provides important features for kids’ safety like activity reports on kid’s device usage, blocks the websites which contain inappropriate content, time lock application on kids’ device and contain many other features.

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