5 Incredible Ideas to Celebrate 177 Years of Photography

Today, August 19 is celebrated as World Photography Day to uplift the dignity of photography both as a profession and as a means for leisure. A photograph does not merely catch a moment that’s gone forever but enables a person to live that moment again and again.

When it comes to personal life, things aren’t different. Most of us cherish moments that make us smile, excite or make us say WoW. And we just love to keep those memories alive for long – that’s why we take photos, lots & lots of photos. They adore our hard drives and albums. They remind us how beautiful is this world and worth of celebrating every moment we live.

Today, in the light of World Photography Day, let’s see how we can make our mark as being a part of photographic/photo enthusiasts communities around the world.

1. Get Inspired from Great Photographers

Being a professional photographer is not easy-  you’ve to know how to use this discipline both artistically and scientifically. By studying the work of masters in this field, you can make an insight on what should/shouldn’t be the desirable qualities of a photographer. Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Steve McCurry are some of the names you can search.

2. Websites to Improve Your Photographic Skills

There’re a lot of free resources on the internet you can refer to improve your skills as a photographer. Digital Photography school, PopPhoto, Picture Perfect are some examples. These websites mainly contain photos captured by various photographers and the techniques they used for each of these photos.

3. A Plunge into Your Old Memories

Clay Routledge, psychologist at North Dakota State University says “When you’re nostalgic about something, there’s a little bit of a sense of loss— [the moment has] happened, it’s gone—but usually the net result is happiness,”

And, your old photographs deliberately prove this. Even at the first look, these photos might feel you a little pain knowing those moments won’t happen again. But ultimately, it’ll make you in a pleasant mood. For some of you, this fondness would be towards old cameras or its accessories.

4. Learn How to Keep your Photos Secure for life long

Is there anyone who don’t want to ensure the safety of his/her photos?

Perhaps no one.

All of you would be aware of different storage options you can choose to securely store your digital photos. But, even some have less attention for storing those items. It has to be changed. You can choose SSDs, HDDs, Tape Drives or cloud depending on your convenience. The only thing, you’ve ensured to maintain a proper data disaster recovery plan.

5. Share your Photos

Now, it’s the time to know the potential of photos you’ve taken. You can find a huge list of websites for that purpose. Many of them would be very familiar to you – like Flickr, Photobucket, Instagram, Imgur, etc. Within less time, you’ll know the reach of your photos.

Holla, celebrate the world photography day and share the best photo of yours…

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And do not forget to share with us, how you’re planning for this event?

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