Insert an Animation or Graphic to Your Outlook Signature

Outlook is one of the best application to communicate in offices, homes, and groups. Over the years, Outlook has improved a lot and with all the new add-ons, using it is more fun. Among all the other basic functions, Outlook provides the user for inserting their signature at the end of the mail content. You can predefine your signature and use it in your emails to communicate. Now you can also insert graphic to Outlook Signature.

Your Outlook signature displays a good message to the reader. You can also keep your signatures as attributes while transferring or backup your Outlook PST files. Some of the most disturbing issues come during the corruption of PST files. In such cases, your signature might not be available and MS Outlook stops responding frequently during use. There are good repair tools to get your files working smoothly.

Adding a signature at the end of every mail is one of the most influential parts of communicating. Your signature makes the overall content authorized and attractive at the same time. You can add text and address with different fonts in the mail. But adding a graphic or image to your signature has a different impact on the receiver. You can add graphics to your Outlook signature with some simple steps.

Here is what you can do to insert signature to your Outlook Signature:

Add Signature to Outlook

If you want to add graphics to the signature on Outlook, you can follow a few steps:

1 - Go to File on Outlook

2 - Click Options

3 - Go to Mail Tab

4 - Go to “Create or Modify Signatures for Messages”

5 - Click Signature

To add an Image with New Signature, follow these steps:

1 – Go to Select Signature to edit

2 – Click New

3 – Go to Edit Signature – Compose the signature and set your signature

If you have an existing signature, follow these steps

1 – Go to “Select signature to edit” and highlight the signature portion

2 – Set the cursor in the desired position

3 – Go to formatting toolbar

4 – Click Insert Pictures

5 – Browse your computer and select the desired graphic you want to insert.

6 – Click Insert

7- Click Ok and in the next dialog box click “Ok”.

Add Graphics to Outlook 2007 Signature

If you are using an Outlook 2007, you might find there is a different way to insert the Images into your signature. Here is how you can do it:

For Outlook 2007, write the signature text in your Mail body and copy it.

1 – Position the cursor in the text where you want to insert the image.

2 – Press CTRL + A and CTRL + C

3 – Go to Tools > Options

4 – Go to Mail Format Tab

5 – Click Signatures and select Signature

6 – Click New and paste your signature text

7 – Click Finish

8 – Select Signature for replies and forwards and click OK.

You can add your signatures in all the emails that you reply or forward to your contacts. Add more than one signatures if you want to use them in different emails. The signature that you enter for the first time is added as your default signature for replies and forwards.

Outlook gives you this chance to use graphics, images or animations to your signature. This improves the value of your emails to your contacts. Make an interactive signature with an artwork, image or your organization logo. You can make use of picture resizing tools to reduce the image size and pixel quality.

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