iPad Lessons for Beginners

Are you thinking to buy an iPad and want to know more about it? Or do you already have an iPad and want to put it for better use? If so, then this informative article will provide you the complete information on how to use iPad? How it operates, which apps are very useful and many more. But before understanding all the above stated things, first let us know, what is iPad?

iPad is a touch screen tablet computer developed by Apple Corporation. It is bit smaller than your typical laptop but larger than the standard Smartphone. IPad uses mobile operating system (iOS) and you can surf the internet through Safari, Apple’s Web browser etc. You can store contact information of your family, friend’s colleagues and it even has some spectacular features like iTunes, iCloud, Siri, Apple store, etc.

About iOS:

iOS is the  mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. for its devices like iPad and iPhone. You will see it when you turn on your iPad for the first time. iOS offers  numerous handy features like built in apps, multi touch screen, easy to use interface and many more to make your iPad smarter and simple to use.

Understanding Apps:

If you are a new iPad user then initially it’s better to know what is app. The concept is straightforward: Apps are the small piece of programs that are developed to serve a particular purpose like download videos, play games, chat apps, social apps etc.  iPad is designed with abundant number of such built in apps so that you can effortlessly access from home screen. These apps are ready to use after installation and there are some apps like Zapya, Google settings, mail, contact, calendar, etc. that require little setup. If necessary you can also download other apps from Apple store for free.

Security and General Settings:

Once you are familiar with iPad, you might desire to customize your its settings. Settings control everything in the iPad for example sharing the apps and other data with other devices without any complexity. To open settings just tap on home screen - > settings, then you will view options as shown below:

  • General: Here you can set security options, change date and time, etc.
  • Privacy: Here you can manage privacy settings like airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Control Center, iCloud, Mail, etc.

Adding contacts:

iPad allows you to save all the contact information of a person like phone number, street address, mail id etc.  With iPad’s elegant GUI, it’s easier to add contacts, below steps guide you:

  • Once you open your iPad on the home screen, just tap on the Contacts icon
  • A list of all the contacts will appear, here tap the + button
  • Then, a window asking for information to be saved will appear, just enter the desired contact information like first and last name, phone number, email address etc. after completion just tap Done

However, iPad allows you to create as many contacts as you need. But, many a times, mistakenly you might enter the same contact information more than once. This leads to confusion and wastage of memory; hence it is necessary to remove these duplicate contacts. However, there is no in-built feature available with iPad or iOS as such. Yet, you can get a third party app called Remo MORE, a freeware that can easily identify all the duplicate contacts based on the contact name, phone number, etc. and remove duplicate iPad contacts in just few minutes.

Syncing your iPad:

Syncing i.e. synchronizing your iPad with computer or with other mobile devices makes it easier for you to keep your iPad up-to-date. Syncing enables you to have access to important files on any device whenever you need.  You can easily sync your iPad to computer via iTunes which enables you to sync songs, images, and files from your computer to your iPad. In addition you will be able to even back up your iPad's files on your computer.

  • First connect your iPad to the computer through USB cable
  • Then open iTunes on your computer
  • Now, just click on the iPad icon displayed on the top-right corner of your iTunes window.
  • This will open up the iPad summary page, wherein you can easily choose all the settings and your files that are to be synced.

These are the simple and basic lessons that are necessary for any iPad beginner. However, iPad is designed to be simple and offer smooth usage with its attractive and self-descriptive GUI. As you start using it, the iPad UI itself guides you to navigate through the apps and its other features.

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