iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Battle is on again!! Technology giants Microsoft and Apple are into battle again with their new hybrid products - Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro. However, both of these products have quite similar features like big screen, styli for drawing, keyboard that gives the comfort of a laptop and many such. But, when it comes to pricing, hard ware specifications or other core features, the two seems to be competent enough.

iPad Pro with iOS 9 is packed with a big screen, quad speakers and works with an optional pencil and keyboard. On the other hand, Surface Pro 4 is a laptop replacement using 6th generation core processor with Windows 10 OS. So, which one of these hybrid devices could be a replacement for laptops and which one outshines? Let’s see now …


Both Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro have similar screen size that is bigger than 11.6 Inch laptops. Surface Pro 4 has 12.3 inch panel with 2736 x 1,824 resolution; with this Surface Pro 4, Microsoft seems to have redesigned its display setup with a new touch screen layer supporting more pressure points.

However, Apple’s iPad Pro comes with 12.9 inch canvas with 2,732 x 2,048 resolution. Thus, Surface Pro is brighter than the iPad Pro. However, Apple’s Retina Display works well in tremendous battery life savings that lasts 10+ hours on a single charge.

Storage capacity

Microsoft has offered quite a large amount of space for you with its new Surface Pro 4, which comes with RAM space ranging from 4GB to 16GB. But, iPad Pro offers just 4GB RAM. In addition, Apple offers 32GB or 64GB internal storage capacity, which you have select while purchasing. In case of Microsoft, it provides around 256GB internal storage that is expandable up to 1TB.


In this section, iPad Pro clean seeps Surface Pro 4 with its quad-speaker setup. Yes, iPad Pro comes with 4 speakers creating loud yet balanced audio. Two speakers in the front and two on the back end which can be seen when you flip the tablet around to handle mid and high frequencies.

When it comes to Surface Pro 4, it provides just two front-facing speakers that are powered by Dolby Audio but still produces a pretty good audio without any distortion. However, the bass is lacking and the Surface Pro 4 is not as loud as iPad Pro.


If you want a device that actually replaces laptop then keyboard is the must. However, its optional, if needed you can get it by paying more. Surface Pro 4 keyboard costs around $129, which has improved design, with more spacious layout to offer the best typing experience. Also, the Type Cover has a built-in touchpad and the keyboard is backlit.

iPad Pro keyboard is bit costly when compared to Surface Pro 4. You need to pay $169 for keyboard that too without a touchpad. Moreover, it is not backlit and has smaller keys making it difficult to work with. However, its fabric design has made it a water-resistant. Hence, in this case Surface Pro 4 keyboard shines out as it is cheaper and offers more functionalities.


Pricing may not be the deciding factor, since both tablets are relatively have same costs which depends on the accessories you need. So, a Surface Pro 4 with Surface pen would costs around $899, keyboard costs around $130 that sums up to around $1029. In case you need a fingerprint sensor version, then you need to pay $30 extra.

The starting price for iPad Pro is $799 only but you will get just the tablet. Additionally, the keyboard costs $169 and for an Apple pencil you have to pay $99 more. Thus summing up to $1067 on a whole to get a complete iPad Pro with basic accessories.

These are some of the core aspects of Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro. Microsoft’s surface or Apple’s iPad, purely depends on what you need. If you wish to get a big-screen tablet and want to get more productive with some creativity then iPad Pro should be your choice. In case you need a tablet that doubles as a notebook with much more storage capacity and battery backups then Surface Pro 4 will help you out.

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