Why Doesn't Your iPod Turn On?

Everyone likes to listen quality sound while listening to their favorite music. Why not? After all, it's music we are talking about. And when it comes to music, how can we miss the all amazing iPod. An iPod is an epitome of the new technology music world. With its amazing output capability, it is one of the first priority for music lovers all over the globe. So as an iPod user, you might have experienced the iPod won’t turn on the problem yourself.

It’s an annoying problem if your iPod doesn’t turn on. To look deep into the not turning on issue, we have to go through a number of troubleshooting steps. By following the steps, you can analyze the actual problem with your iPod. Most of the times it’s a minute issue that stops from turning on the player. If your iPod has suffered some physical damage or corruption issue, it’s better to perform songs recovery from iPod classic, mini, shuffle and other models.

Here are a few ways to which you can fix your iPod and turn it on:

Power Reset your iPod

Your iPod is like all the other electronics at your home, it just is exclusively for a purpose. Sometimes there can be charge accumulation in the device which stops it to start. To start it again, you have to make sure there is no charge left by a power reset.

If your iPod is in a state of draining complete power, try this steps.

Disconnect the device from all the power source and press the power button for 5 to 10 seconds. This will power reset your device.

If it doesn’t show any signs of starting, leave the iPod for 24 hours without any power or radiation.

Reconnect the genuine adapter of your iPod to your computer and try to perform reset.

Reset the iPod

If the device doesn’t turn on, perform the iPod reset by connecting to your apple computer.

If your gadget doesn’t turn on after the power reset, it indicates its frozen and needs a reset.

While reset, connect the device to its adapter and Reset the iPod.

Check the Hold Switch

It’s one of the most common reasons for not starting of iPod. If you are having trouble turning it on, check the hold switch.

The Hold button is at the top corner or the bottom corner of your device.

If it’s on, you will see an orange patch at the end of the hold button.

Turn the hold button off by sliding the button over the orange patch.

Press any button to turn the iPod on.

Check the Battery Charge

If the battery is down, the iPod won’t turn on, so you have to check the battery status of your device.

In order to properly charge the iPod, you have to know about its model and charging methods. For a general iPod, you can charge it with the help of either a built in 6 pin FireWire or a high-speed USB port. You can also charge it with the help of Apple iPod power adapter connected to a power socket.

iPod models that don’t have a click wheel can’t be charged with USB. iPod nano, iPod 5th generation, and some other models can be charged with the use of USB or FireWire they need USB to sync, though. iPod shuffle needs a high-power USB port to charge.

Make sure to use the USB after 30 minutes of connecting to charge. Do not let the battery overcharge as it may be harmful to your device.

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