Is It Necessary to “Safely Eject USB drive”?

When disconnecting a USB device from our PC or Notebook, we always think about it once in a while. Let’s explore some aspects to answer this question.

Disconnecting a USB

Mac system provides a couple of ways to safely remove your USB device, but it doesn’t recommend suddenly ejecting of your hardware.

Windows suggests a different approach towards this issue; it offers a setting that would save you from the extra efforts of using the ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ option. But this feature does not give us the answer to our question except that Windows believe in saving your time and in safely removing USB drive.

What Happens When You Disconnect USB Without ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ Option?

There are certain aspects that we should consider while suddenly ejecting the USB drive.

Corruption – During the transfer of files from your Windows or Mac to USB or USB to your Computer, there is a good chance your file would become corrupt. This happens only if there is a file transfer involved. This will also affect the performance and data transfer rate of your USB drive. And it’s quite difficult for us to recover deleted images, videos and other important files from corrupt memory card.  So making sure the file device is not being used before unplugging it would be a wise choice.

Performance Degradation – This will not be visible all of a sudden, but removing your USB without taking precautions will degrade the performance of your Drive. This is visible with time. This problem arises due to cache memory creation in USB. This is by default in all the systems that with a connection, the system creates a cache of USB and operates with the same unless there is any file transfer involved. The USB drive needs a constant power supply to processing all the operations and data transfers, so sudden disconnection may incur a loss in USB drives performance.

Here Is What Windows Offer;

It optimizes the USB for quick removal i.e. provides the USB to be removed without any efforts from the user; this function is default in Windows.

This option can be accessed using Device Manager;

Go to > Start menu > Device manager > Disc and Drives

The disc and drives can be expanded using the drop-down icon just above it, this will display all the available drives connected to your computer.

Select your USB and right click on it and go to ‘Properties’. This will open the properties of your USB drive.

You can view two options that say – “Quick Removal” and “Better Performance” you can select from the two options and use your USB drive to read/ write data on your computer. If you use “quick Removal” you will never have to use the “safely Remove Hardware” option.

However, we recommend you do not go with Quick Removal option as it would involve disabling writing cache. This may give your USB drive some extra load and cause some problems. Also, there is a certain processing time, before which if you eject the drive, it might cause in malfunctioning of the files in it.

Safely Remove USB on Mac

The threats of ejecting a USB drive remains the same, Mac also uses data caching in order to operate a USB drive connected to it. The data in Mac computers can also be lost, deleted or corrupted due to improper ejecting of USB drives.

If you are using a Mac system, your system uses write caching to deliver a better performance. If the USB is improperly handled, it may lead to disappointment and waste of time in retrieving your data. Here is a simple process to safely remove USB in Mac;

1 – Drag the flash drive icon in trash.
2 – Click the eject icon just beside the drive in finder pane.

There is a good chance of data corruption or other threats as listed above while using USB on your Mac. Using USB to perform a backup or retrieving memory card on Mac, can prove to be very sensitive. So if you want to avoid loss of information and safety of your data transfer, avoid ejecting USB directly from your computer.


Although, it seems to be a matter of seconds whether or not to use Safely Eject option. This question would look insignificant, but if we think about the data, its value rises unimaginably. A wise choice, in that case, would be to keep the operation under safety standards and always try to stop the USB drive before pulling it out. Also, some of the drives are provided with flickering LEDs or another source of light that will guide you if the drive is properly turned off and safe to remove.

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