Keyboard Shortcuts for Safari

Keyboard shortcut can be defined as a key or combination of keys which when pressed can invoke a specific event in an easy and quick way. With the use of keyboard shortcuts for Safari browser you can reduce the time and effort you spend on browsing. Additionally, at times you have to hold the keyboard shortcuts or just one press is enough to complete the task that needs several key strokes.

Here is a small list of keyboard shortcuts for Safari browser that minimize your work to speed up and enhance the internet experience. There may be many keyboard shortcuts for various actions however, it’s impossible to remember all of them. Thus instead of learning all the keyboard shortcuts you can stick to some common tasks and learn simple shortcuts that are easy to remember.

Keyboard shortcuts for Safari browser

  • Press arrow keys to Scroll up, left, down and right
  • COMMAND+UP or Home key can scroll to the top of the webpage
  • COMMAND+DOWN or End key can scroll to the end of the webpage
  • DELETE to go back to previous page
  • SHIFT + DELETE to go forward
  • COMMAND + D to add a bookmark of the current page
  • COMMAND + F to find specific word on the existing page
  • COMMAND + P to print the current page
  • COMMAND + R can be used to reload the page on which you are currently on
  • COMMAND + S can be used to save the page
  • COMMAND + W to close the currently used page
  • COMMAND +? to open help menu of safari browser
  • COMMAND + SHIFT + P can be used to setup the page to print
  • COMMAND + Q to quit the safari browser
  • COMMAND + M can be used to minimize the browser
  • COMMAND + O to open file

These are some of the few simple shortcuts that come in handy while browsing on your Safari browser. Using these shortcuts you might end up having bookmarked many pages in turn clogging your Safari browser in turn make your Safari slow. However, using Remo MORE you can fix slow running Safari in just one click and speed up your browsing experience.

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