Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8.1

Keyboard shortcuts are formed by combinations of more than one key or just a single key, which can be used to accomplish specific task quickly. By using keyboard shortcuts you can ease your work by saving time and effort. Each and every operating system, application will have its own set of shortcuts. Even your Windows 8.1 has its own set of shortcuts that help simplify work and increase productivity. Here are some of the simplest and easily graspable keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8.1, just read on…

New keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8.1

  • “Windows logo key + type an app name” - To search your computer for any app or data
  • “Ctrl+plus or Ctrl+minus” to zoom in or zoom out respectively
  • “Windows logo key + F” to search files
  • “Windows logo key + Tab” Toggle or switch between presently accessed programs
  • “Alt + Spacebar” to open shortcut menu for currently accessing window
  • “Alt + Enter” to check properties of the chosen item

Shortcuts to work with Charm Bar and Modern Apps

Windows Key + C: Displays the Charms bar. Then use arrow keys to navigate through the charms.

Windows Key + Q: To launch the General Search – helps to search for files and settings on your PC, Internet, One Drive, through installed apps and even the Windows Store.

Windows Key + F: Launches the Files Search - to search for files on your PC and OneDrive.

Windows Key + W: Launches the Windows Settings Search- search for specific operating system settings by typing in certain keywords.

Windows Key + I: Displays the Settings charm.

  • When using on Desktop: Helps to access the Control Panel, Personalization options, the System information section, Wi-Fi Settings, volume and brightness control, notifications, power buttons, keyboard settings and the Windows Help and Support module.
  • When used from Start screen: Assists in accessing Start screen personalization options, tiles settings and the online help version for the Start screen.

Windows Key + H: Launches the Share charm.

Windows Key + K: Displays the Devices charm.

Shortcuts for switching between Apps and Windows

Alt + Tab:  You can cycle through all the open Windows and apps by pressing Tab key repeatedly while holding Alt pressed, just release the Tab key on the window or app that you want to open.

Windows Key + Tab: Navigate through all open modern apps and display them in a vertical sidebar at the left side of the screen by repeatedly pressing the Tab key while holding the Windows Key pressed, release the Tab key on the app that you want to open.

Ctrl + Alt + Tab: Pressing Control, Alt and Tab keys together will display the list of all open windows and apps. Even after releasing the keys the list remains on screen. Then using arrow keys you can navigate through open windows and apps.

Ctrl + Windows Key + Tab: Pressing this combination of keys together displays the sidebar of all open apps and keeps the sidebar on screen even after you release the keys.

Well-known keyboard shortcuts for Windows Operating system

  • Ctrl+C (or Ctrl+Insert) to copy the chosen items
  • Ctrl+X to cut the chosen items
  • Ctrl+V (or Shift+Insert) to paste the copied item
  • Ctrl+Z to undo the action
  • Alt+Tab to toggle between currently accessing apps
  • Shift + Delete to delete items permanently bypassing Recycle Bin
  • Alt+F4 to close the currently used app
  • Windows logo key +L to lock the PC or to switch user
  • Windows logo key +D to display or come to desktop of computer

The above mentioned are some of the commonly used keyboard shortcuts, by using these keyboard shortcuts you can simplify your navigation process and other task in Windows 8.1 operating system. Some application allows you to customize the keyboard shortcuts in the way you desire. However, while using the shortcuts related to data deletion like CTRL + X or Shift + Delete etc. be careful as it might lead to data loss situations. Nevertheless, using Remo Recover software one of the best data recovery software for Windows 8.1 you can easily recover back all the deleted or lost files in few minutes.

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