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Easy Ways to Repair a Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation File

Corruption in a PowerPoint file is the most difficult thing to tackle with; it may even ruin your important presentation. But, need not worry as you can easily fix corrupt PowerPoint presentations in various ways. And, this page describes how to repair corrupt or damaged PowerPoint presentation files manually as well as using the effective PowerPoint file repair tool. So, read the article and choose your best option to fix broken PowerPoint presentation. How to Repair Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation File? Solution 1: Move the Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation to Another location If you are trying to open the PPT file which

Explore all new features of Office 365

office 365

Life is a box of chocolates they say, not sure how true it is but it is definitely true that Office 365 is a package full of useful apps. Microsoft doesn’t fail to surprise it’s users as they add new application or a new feature on a monthly basis for the Office 365 subscribers. This is more than a compelling reason to choose Office 365 when transferring Outlook to new computer. Here are some of the new features of Office 365 aiming to help teams streamline management of work, making the life of IT admins easier with the new feature

How to Access data on RAW Drive

SD Card or HDD is not accessible, the type of the file system is RAW unable to run chkdsk on the disk The disk in drive X: is not formatted. The volume does not contain a recognized file system Drive X:\ not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. These kind of errors while accessing a drive will block your access to data stored on the drive. Usually when your drive is Raw you receive these sort of errors. RAW drive / partition is a state of drive, where OS fails to recognize the drive’s file system. Hence, you cannot

How to Play AVI files on Mac? [Solved]

quicktime play

Playing AVI files is one of the biggest worries for a Mac user. None of the four major Indeo codecs that are required to decode AVI files have been integrated into QuickTime. Before we get down to know how to play these files, let’s get a quick look at Audio Video Interleave (AVI) format. Image Source: What is an AVI file? The full form of AVI is Audio Video Interleave. Like any video file format, AVI is a container format and hence it does not predefine the encoding process of the contents in the file. As an AVI file

Disk Management Console View is not Up-to Date

Disk Management in Windows is a built in tool to manage drives associated with your computer. Using this tool you can add or delete partitions, assign names to partitions, format and partition them. Generally, these operations can be performed easily and reliably using Disk Management, but like all software/tools you may encounter problems at times. In this blog, let us discuss about a Disk Management error that occurs when you try to assign a letter to the partition. The error reads ‘Disk Management console view is not up to date’. What can you do to resolve the error? Learn about

What is GRUB? How to recover lost operating system data after GRUB rescue error?

Location of GRUB in MBR & GPT (source: Wikipedia)

GRUB by definition is Grand Unified Boot Loader. It is a part of program either stored in GPT or MBR depending on the boot set-up of the computer. List of contents: What is GRUB? Where is GRUB located? Grub functionality Various commands in GRUB Operating systems that can be booted using GRUB GRUB tips Grub Rescue windows 10 (no such partition error) To understand GRUB better let’s first understand what is a boot sector? A boot sector is generally the first sector of the hard drive that is accessed when the computer is turned on. When the computer boots up

What is TRIM in SSD | How to enable TRIM | Various TRIM commands

check TRIM Enabled for SSD

The universal fact that an SSD is faster than a normal hard disk drive is undisputed. Although HDDs are cheaper it is definitely wise to spend a few extra bucks on a SSD when looking for speed. But do you know that there can be degradation in the performance of an SSD if a proper Background garbage collection method is not enabled in your SSD? This is where TRIM comes into play. What is TRIM? TRIM as mentioned above is a command that enables your operating system to tell the solid state drive that certain blocks on your solid state

CRYPTOJACKERS: What is It, What It Does and How to Remove It

Malware attacks have been raging nowadays. Let’s have a look at malware that uses the system resources for cryptocurrency mining. Cryptojackers, their effects, and removal. All of us are aware of the term Malware and might have encountered one at some point in our lives. There are different types of malware being produced every day that affects our systems in various ways. Even with top anti-virus software installed, malware gets on your PC using different methods. When a PC gets infected with malware, it displays various signs. In the further of this article, we will discuss the type of malware

Acoustic Attacks Damage Hard Drives and Crashes OS

Sounds have always been a source of entertainment, but are they turning into nightmares. Let us see how sound waves inflict damage upon a user’s hard disk drive and turn out into a real nightmare… Hard drives make an important part of our day to day lives, almost every technology has some use for hard drives. They hold most of our important data and have become a valuable asset for all of us. When these hard drives crash, taking away our data with it, things turn out to be worse. Reasons for a hard drive crash vary from malware attacks

A Complete Guide to M2TS/MTS Video Codecs

Before we go into details of M2TS/MTS, it is important to understand what are codecs and why is it used. A video codec is short for encoder and decoder. It is a piece of software that compresses video storage and decompresses for playback or editing purposes. They are used in DVD players, Internet video and a variety of other applications. There are many kinds of codecs available. Most of them are based on MPEG standards. What is AVCHD and MTS/M2TS? AVCHD is a high definition video format for camcorders developed jointly by Panasonic and Sony. It is used mostly to