How Do I Remove Junk Characters from A Word Document?

It’s quite usual to see junk characters in Word documents. Unfortunately, on seeing garbage characters, most of the users assume that their Word document is damaged. But that might not be true for most cases. So, why does you Word document have garbage characters? Well, you can find complete info with regards to this in the following sections. Why does my Word document have weird symbols? It is because, Word file has some special characters that indicate the end of the paragraphs (¶), spaces (…) etc. If you see such characters, it is completely normal and easy to fix. However,

Proven Way to Sync Spotify to iPod | Nano, Touch, Shuffle and Classic

Even today Apple iPods remain the most preferred stand alone music devices and they come in various models such as iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle. Depending on the models music can be streamed or accessed offline. Spotify is only second to Apple music as a streaming service on iPods. Users have reported that syncing their Spotify music tracks to various iPod models like iPod Nano and iPod Touch is a growing concern.  Factually Spotify Free users can only stream music with internet connection and they cannot listen to tracks offline. Whereas Premium users can download Spotify

How to Recover Deleted Video Files? 

recover deleted videos

Summary: Your search for recovering deleted videos from your camera, phone or computer stops here. In this article, you will see the easiest way to recover video files that were lost or deleted. All of this in just 3 clicks. Wait no more, let’s get started with video recovery… Let’s make it clear before we start:  The Methods mentioned in this article can help you perform video recovery to get back videos from digital cameras, SD cards, Windows and Mac Computer. Don’t worry, irrespective of the devices you are using, you can recover your videos files here.  How Do I

How to Configure Word to always create a Backup copy?

configure Word to always create a backup copy

You might be working for hours on a Microsoft Word file to create some professional document, important report, or a project. Before you could have saved your Microsoft Word document, what if your computer suddenly shuts down or restarts due to some interruptions?  During such horrible situations, you will probably end up with two results. Either you will get a corrupt Word file or an unsaved Word file.  The best way of avoiding the Word file data loss scenario is by regularly taking a backup. Here is an article helping you to configure Word to always create a backup copy

Quick Ways to Split Zip Files | Completely Free

Sending large files across the internet has many hurdles due to a lack of support for large files. Zipping a file is a very good option that can help you compress and share the files across emails or any other applications. However, when the file size exceeds the limit even after Zipping the file you can split the zip file. Zip file format is an archived file format, it contains one or more compressed files. Windows can zip and unzip files quickly, but in order to do more than that, you’ll have to make use of third-party programs like WinZip,

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Files from Windows 10?

Which is the best way to recover deleted files from Windows? This has been one of the most debated questions on internet and there is no one answer to it. However, recently Microsoft tried to put an end to this debate by bringing out their own data recovery software for Windows 10. Let us see, if they were successful in putting that discussion to sleep with their brand new completely free Microsoft Windows File Recovery Software. This article is not all about testing Windows File Recovery Tool. This article is about finding a best way to recover deleted files from Windows

How to Move Pages in Words – With Added Tips and Tricks

In many cases, while creating a dossier or a report, you might need to rearrange the pages. However, unlike PPT, you cannot drag and reorder pages in Word. Nevertheless, there are few ways to Move the pages in Word. Scroll through the sections below for a better understanding of how to move pages in Word Documents. On this page, you can even find the method to fix the damaged Word files. Methods to Move Pages in Word Simple Cut and Paste Navigation Pane Reorder Pages in Word Using Cut and Paste I feel we all can admit that Cut, Copy,

How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD card?

Quick read: Now recover deleted photos from SD card without any hassle. Know how to get back your pictures from SD card with free tool of Microsoft and a powerful photo recovery software to ensure that you will not miss out on getting back each and everyone of your lost or deleted photos.  In this Article Free Way to Recover Deleted Photos from SD card Recover Deleted Photos from SD card on Windows Recovering Deleted Photos from SD card on Mac Note: Before you on to recovering photos, verify if you have any backup of photos on any other drive

Recover Permanently Deleted Photos - iPhone | Windows | Mac | Android

Summary: Permanently deleted photos from your Computer or Phone? Stop wondering about the possibility of restoring permanently deleted photos, because getting back your lost photos just got simpler. Yes, recover permanently deleted photos from Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android with Remo’s Photo Recovery Software in no time. 4 Quick Ways to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos Do make use of the table of contents below to directly move on to the required section.  Permanently Deleted Photos from iPhone Permanently Deleted Photos from Mac Permanently Deleted Photos from Windows Permanently Deleted Photos from Android SD card Restore Photos Using iTunes Backup Recover

How To Repair Video File | Corrupt | Damaged | Broken

Turning your corrupt, damaged or broken video file into a healthy playable video file had never been this simple. Find these completely free methods to repair video files without any hassle. Along with the hassle free ways to fix your corrupt video, the article introduces to you a industry leading video repair software, that you can try for free to repair video file.  Why is My Video File Not Playing?  You might have asked this question several times and failed to find an answer. Let us see what are common scenarios that lead to video corruption below, before we go