Stop your Outlook Repeatedly Prompting for Passwords Issue

With Pandemic shutting us inside our homes, the conversations that used to happen in person turned into emails. Microsoft Outlook, one of the most used mail services across globe became an integral part of our everyday lives with most of us working from home. There is this new issue with Outlook that’s causing trouble to the users by prompting them to enter password every time Outlook is launched. After the recent Windows update the number of users searching for a solution to fix Outlook keeps asking password grew, the real solution to fix this issue is still nowhere to be

Know How to Connect GoPro to Computer | Guaranteed Solutions

Shooting fast-paced action videos, Underwater videos, or landscapes videos with the help of a GoPro camera is always appealing due to its rich video capturing quality. However, you need to transfer the GoPro videos to your Windows or Mac computer to watch or edit the footage. It is also recommended to immediately import GoPro videos to PC to avoid conflicts between previously-stored videos and new footage. In this informational write-up, you will find different types of methods where you can quickly get videos off the GoPro to your computer. Follow all the below-given methods to try and choose the most

Learn What Internet Recovery on Mac Can Do |(Mac and MacBook)

Mac recovery mode is a lifesaver during crises. Depending on the type of crisis, you can choose among four options available in Mac recovery mode. there might be some complications that can be resolved by normal recovery mode but it has its own set of limitations. If there is one option that could come in handy regardless of the severity of the problem, it is Mac Internet recovery mode. Learn why Mac internet recovery mode is crucial and let’s discuss how to use internet recovery mode on Mac. What is Internet Recovery on Mac? Internet recovery mode is completely different

The Only Guide You Need to Find and Delete Duplicate Songs

In the process of collecting good music, we end up with a lot of duplicates. Not only are these duplicate audio files annoying while listening to music but also occupy a lot of space. However, it gets tedious to manually find duplicate songs one by one. Then how does one find and remove all the music files duplicate audio files on their computer or phone? This article which streamlines the entire process of finding duplicates in your music library or audio recordings and removing them. How Do I Find and Delete Duplicate Audio Files Instantly? If you are looking for

Clear Your Browsing History, Cookies and Search History

Whenever you visit a website or search for information on the internet, your web browser automatically records data about the website you visited or any information you searched on the web. This data comes in handy to quickly access the site through history or bookmarks. However, delete browsing history or cookies will safeguard your privacy and also save local storage space. Continue reading the writeup to learn how to delete browsing history, cookies, and search history. How to Delete Browsing History on Various Browser Browsing history is very useful to quickly access any recently used web pages. If suppose you

How to Delete Duplicate Files and Photos on Windows 10?

The world is moving extremely fast with 5G internet speed and gigabytes of data being generated rapidly every second. No wonder the storage capacity of your computers and smartphones are getting bigger in size. Now, let us put duplicate files and photos into that precious storage space on your computer. People who have faced this issue know that removing or deleting duplicate files from Windows computers isn’t a walk in the park.Do not worry, this article helps you to get rid of all the duplicate photos and files to declutter your storage space for you. Why Manually Deleting the Duplicate

How to Recover Data from Hard Drive? [Corrupt, Crashed or Damaged]

Hard Drives are our homes where we store everything from our precious memories to important data at work. Any damage to the hard drive that results in data loss can be stressful. However, the good news is that you can recover data from a hard drive that is corrupt, crashed or damaged. Hard drives are no longer only a tech geeks’s need but also a need of almost everyone who uses a computer. With the advent of hard drives over the years, the way hard drives are used also has changed. They are not only used to more data but

Know How to Reset MacBook Pro Without Losing Data

If you feel like your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air has deteriorated from its usual performance and speed, you can always choose to reset your MacBook. However, many users perform a full factory reset on Mac without any precautions or backups that lead to data loss. With this informational write-up, you will get to know the most efficient and safest way to reset iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. Stick till the end to know how to reset MacBook Pro without losing data. Can I Reinstall macOS Without Losing Data? Yes, you can reinstall macOS on your MacBook Pro or

How to Recover Files Deleted from Dropbox?

Dropbox is one of the finest utilities available to store data on cloud storage. Sometimes, while accessing files from Dropbox you might have lost files stored in Dropbox due to accidental deletion or for various other reasons. Fortunately, you can recover Dropbox files that are deleted. By adhering to the end of the article you will understand how to recover files that are deleted from the Dropbox. Can you recover deleted file from Dropbox? Yes, you can recover the deleted file from Dropbox. Similar to the Recycle Bin or Trash on your local computer, the files deleted on Dropbox will

FAT32 Data Recovery- Guide to Fix or Recover FAT32 File System

Summary:In this complete guide on FAT32 data recovery you will not only learn to recover data from FAt32 drive or partitions without any hassle but also find out things that are responsible for data loss from FAT32 and tips to never lose your data. Introduction to FAT32 and Data Recovery from FAT32: FAT32 is one of the earlier file systems that was introduced by Microsoft. FAT which stands for File Allocation Table has different types of file systems like FAT12, FAT16, FAT32. With both of its earlier versions being out of use, FAT32 is still being used most commonly in