Know how to boot a MacBook from an external USB drive

Sometimes you may encounter problem with MacBook while booting up or else you have fashion to experiment with new releases of Apple OS before installing them into system, you wish to try from external device. In such situation, you can boot the system by connecting external USB drive. For this purpose, you have to connect the external USB drive into MacBook USB port and that external USB drive should have the Mac OS X operating system installed in it. Follow below mentioned guidelines to achieve it successfully.

  • Shutdown your MacBook and connect the external USB Drive to an USB port available in MacBook and then restart it to insert the OS X installation DVD into the drive of MacBook
  • Login to your system normally, and then choose “System Preferences” and click on icon “Start-up Disks” option and finally “Restart into the OS X DVD”. When your system reboots, it is going to boot from the OS X installation DVD
  • Follow all the onscreen instructions until you reach the installation volume, then choose “Utility”, and click on “Disk Utility” option to perform the remaining process
  • Then choose the external USB drive from the list and click on “Options”. A new pop up window opens, here choose “GUID Partition Table” option and click on “Apply” to proceed further. Next, follow the remaining onscreen instructions to complete the OS X installation on the external USB drive
  • Now choose “System Preferences” and click on “Start-up Disks” option. Then select the external USB drive that you have connected to your MacBook. Next time when the system reboots it is going to boot from the external USB drive

By following all the above-mentioned steps, you can easily boot your MacBook laptop from the external USB drive in safe and secure way. However, while performing this process by chance if you have come across data loss then no need to worry, as Remo Recover Mac application has all capabilities to get back your data in simple way. In addition, you can easily recover lost files from MacBook Pro laptop just by employing this advance toolkit in couple of minutes.

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