Know how to free up disk space

Does your system take several minutes to respond to your command? It is the signs indicating the performance degradation of your computer. The speed of your computer is decreasing day-by-day. This is the result of poor data management. Yes, your hard drive is full of unused and unwanted data and hence, it takes a lot of time to open a single file. The only solution for your problem is to clean up your hard drive. It means you need to remove all unused files and free up your hard drive. This page gives you a few of the ways on how to free up your disk space and hence increase your PC performance.

Delete all unused files:  most of you people have a habit OS saving all files even if they are unwanted, thinking that they may come to help in future. Thus you keep even the unwanted files on your hard drive. Due to this your OS might not get sufficient space to load and your system becomes slow. Hence, first and foremost remove all the unused and unwanted files by deleting them manually.

Uninstall unused programs and applications: Sometimes, you might have downloaded trial versions some applications or might have the old version of the program. However, now the programs might not be used. These programs might occupy huge hard drive space. Thus, you need to get rid of these programs also. To do so, go to Windows - > Control Panel, find the program to be uninstalled right click on it and hit “uninstall” option.

Delete all system logs and temporary files: Whenever you run any programs or applications, they make use of some temporary files like .tmp, .bkp, .diz, readme.txt; .giz etc. after completion of the process, these programs will not remove the files. Thus, they become unwanted files.

Clear Browsing History and temporary internet caches: In order to improve the browser speed all web browsers will store the downloaded pages and files in its cache, so that they can re-use the same pages incase if you visit those pages again. When comes to browser speed, it may increase, but these pages do occupy huge hard drive space.

Empty Recycle Bin:  When your delete any file all your files will be moved to the Recycle bin and hence, your files are still on your hard drive. So, to remove them permanently from your system, you need to even delete them from your Recycle Bin. To achieve this, empty the Recycle Bin at once. Before emptying the recycle bin, check the contents the Recycle Bin and then empty it.

Defragmentation: It is a process of rearranging all the files on your hard drives to improve the speed and performance. Actually, when a file is saved on your hard drive the file will be divided into pieces and will scattered on all available spaces. Breaking up of the files in this way will slow down the PC performance and also wastes a lot of disk space. Hence, defragmenting your hard drive will collects all these pieces of the files and saves it in a single location. This helps the hard drive to manage the data and also free up a lot of unused data on your hard disk. Before defragmenting your hard drive, take the data backup.

The above listed are the ways in which you can free up your hard disk space. But, while performing any of these actions be careful as it may lead to loss of data. In case if your recycle bin contains your important file which you had deleted unknowingly and if you empty it or you forget to take backup and defragment your hard drive, then there are huge chances of losing your vital data. However, no need to worry, you can make use of Remo Recover tool, which is the most recommended software to find deleted files back, even lost and formatted ones that too within no time.

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