Know how to reduce video file size

Video files are among the largest files which are stored on computer; they easily fill up hard disk space and slow down your PC. This eventually makes you want to reduce video file size. Other than free space there are many other reasons for reducing the size of the video file. Some of the other prominent reasons are:

  • Large video files are almost impossible to distribute over internet
  • Video sites like YouTube won’t permit uploading of video files of large size
  • You cannot transfer video files of large size over email

Hence, reducing a video file helps you accomplish the above mentioned tasks. Read out this article and follow the steps to learn on how to reduce video size on Windows and Mac.

Reducing Video Size on Windows:

Movie Maker is the application software which comes bundled with Windows operating system that is specially designed to edit and create video clips. This tool offers an easy way to reduce the file size of any video.


  • Go to “My Computer”--->C:Drive--->Program Files--->Movie Maker--->moviemk.exe
  • In the left panel, under “Capture Video” click on “Import video”
  • Navigate to the location of the video file and click on “Import” (Note: Make sure that the “create clips for video files” is unchecked, because this will break your video into multiple clips)
  • Place your video clip on the Movie maker timeline and from the left panel, under “Finish Movie” click on “Save to my computer”
  • The next window is the place to reduce the video file size, click on “Show more choices” link. Then select the radio button that reads, “Best fit to file size” and specify the size that you want your final video to be and click “Next”
  • At last, click on “Finish” button to save the video file on your computer

Reducing Video Size on Mac:

Similar to Movie Maker, Mac OS provides video editing software called as iMovie. Stick to the below procedure to reduce your video file size on Macintosh.


  • Open iMovie by going to “Applications” folder
  • Navigate to the location of the video on your Mac hard drive, and then click and drag the video files icon into iMovie windows. This will import your video to iMovie project
  • Place your video clip into iMovie timeline, this can be done by simply dragging the video clip down to the timeline at the bottom of the window
  • From the tool bar, click “File”-->“Export”
  • In the next window, select “QuickTime” tab if it is not already selected
  • Choose the desired file size for your video and click on "Share" button to specify file name and save the video

Other than using the inbuilt utilities, there are other ways to reduce the size of a video which can be done by utilizing third party software’s. Some of the ways are:

  • Reduce video resolution
  • Lower frame rate
  • Lower video bit rate
  • Reduce the frame rate

However it is also true that after reducing video file size, the quality of the video clip decreases. And worse is that sometimes it may lead to video file corruption, however this kind of corruption can be easily fixed by using Remo Repair MOV software, which will help you repair damaged MOV video files within seconds.

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