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When it comes to video cameras of Smartphones, there is a lot to talk about. They are getting better each and every day, with a property of sharing a video in a single click! So now the question is – buying standalone camcorder is worth?

You take any gadgets starting from calculators, alarm clocks, gaming consoles, MP3 players to voice recorders and pocket radios, all of them could trace their downfall to one fact, i.e., the rise of Smartphone. Today’s Smartphones can replace all these gadgets undoubtedly. And now we can see that there is a downfall in the sales of compact cameras. Is a dedicated video camcorder also falls in this list? Is it necessary to buy a camcorder when you already have a video device in your pocket?

Here are some factors that help you in deciding whether to buy a new camcorder or stick to the phone for video recording.

Why use a Smartphone for video?

Smartphones record videos in high resolution

Earlier, if you wanted to record in high definition or 4K, you needed a camcorder. But nowadays, you can achieve those features with a Smartphone.  A lot of smartphones also record video at 60 fps (frames per second), just like some expensive camcorders on the market. This offers remarkably clear and smooth video.

Further, these smartphone cameras can also shoot slow-motion video at up to 240fps.

Sharing clips with on Smartphone is easy

Some of the latest camcorders have a Wi-Fi feature and also have the capability to let you share your clips to sites and apps. Well, Smartphones also have the same functionality with even more intuitive use.

Further, it is also easier to play your videos back on TV using your smartphone with casting technology, which lets you display the contents of your smartphone screen on a TV via Wi-Fi.

Video editing is quick and easy

It’s also easier to make quick fixes to videos on Smartphones. The Smartphone apps available for iOS and Android will let you trim the clip, add visual filters and more, the moment you finish recording.

You can always your Smartphone with you

Having a good Smartphone in your back pocket lessens the burden of carrying a cumbersome camcorder throughout your holiday or weekend. You can no more miss your precious moments from capturing.

Why opt a camcorder?

Quality footage

Well, it is true that a Smartphone can shoot at the same resolution as a dedicated camcorder. But it doesn’t mean that the end product would be of the same quality.

Even though the lens and sensor technology on Smartphones have been miniaturized, but it far remains superior in dedicated full-size camcorders. The camcorder is also likely to have a better built-in microphone, which means any audio you record will be of high-end quality.

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Optical Zoom

Smartphones use the inferior digital zoom technology, which results in diminished, pixelated video quality when zooming in on subjects. Whereas the dedicated camcorders offer superior optical zoom technology that maintains the same clarity by using a physical zoom lens rather than relying on technology.

Manual control

Smartphones have very limited shooting options. Only you can adjust the focus and gain limited control over lighting through primitive exposure tools.

But, with a camcorder, you have ultimate control over visual settings. Depending on your model, you’ll have advanced manual focus tools to play with, along with a superior autofocus tool and advanced image stabilization technology.


It is a great thing if you have all your clips on the phone, able to show to friends and family whenever you want to. However, if you’re shooting lots of high definition footage on your smartphone, you’re going to fill up your available storage space very soon and you may run with a shortage of space problems.

Final conclusion –  is it still worth buying a camcorder?

When it comes to Smartphones to shoot video, there are lots of pros and cons. But at the end, the argument will end up with the quality or convenience.

It is possible to shoot professional looking videos using Smartphones. But, for a truly serious high-quality video, you need to go with a dedicated camcorder as a Digital SLR to a photographer. And if you want the best of both worlds, then a dedicated camcorder is still a necessary purchase, even if you find yourself using it less often.

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