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Time Machine Backup Recovery from APFS Disk

We all know that Time Machine is the tool by Apple that helps in backing up files and restoring them when needed. There has been a lot of confusion with the backup conversion after Apple changed its default file system from HFS to APFS. For instance, there have been many questions on forums regarding users how to recover Time Machine backups from APFS disk. Well, this guide will help you to uncover the above-said issue… Apple File System (APFS) is the default file system found in the latest macOS High Sierra for Mac computers. If you install macOS High Sierra on

Major Issues with MacOS Sierra and Solutions to Fix them

By this time, many of you might have upgraded to macOS Sierra from older Mac OS X. Though, the new OS X offers a bunch of great novel features, it is not exempted from issues. So, here are the top 5 common issues, several macOS Sierra users are experiencing and probable solution to fix them. Your Mac Won’t Start After Installing macOS Sierra After fruitfully installing macOS Sierra, some users stuck at their first boot. Several MacBook/iMac users got a blank white screen (with an Apple logo) after updating macOS Sierra, whereas some others got a black screen. If your

Multiple Macs Back Up On a Single Time Machine

Want to have a single Time Machine backup for your multiple Mac devices? Here it is. A guide on how to set up multiple Macs to a hard drive for Time Machine backup. First connect the hard drive that you want to act a Time Machine focal point. This should preferably be a desktop connected to your home network through Ethernet. Wi-Fi is also good, but the number of backup files moving across even the fastest and latest Wi-Fi will slow down other network connectivity. Secondly, your external hard drives should be formatted accordingly for Time Machine. Here ‘formatted accordingly

How to Show or Hide Hidden Files on MacOS Sierra

It seems like some of your files are hidden by default on Mac OS X Sierra. You can make your Mac show those hidden files or hide some more files by changing some of the settings manually. It just requires few steps. For those who have recently upgraded to Sierra and willing to know the process to show/hide hidden files, here are the two easy and simplified approaches. #Method 1: Sometimes it is better to take a long way home! So here we go with the long way to show or hide Mac OS Sierra hidden files… Select ‘Finder’icon on the

How to Make Mouse Pointer Bigger On Your Mac?


The size of the cursor is becoming smaller and smaller on Mac systems since high resolution and larger display became a norm. If you have noticed, many Mac laptops with retina display and iMac with high resolution retina display, the cursor is now almost invisible. But, there are few ways to make the mouse pointer bigger. Let’s see what they are. System Preference Pane System preference pane was introduced in Mac a long ago that lets hearing and visual difficulties Mac users to configure many GUI elements on Mac to meet their needs. And this includes; the facility to zoom

Create Spare User Account on Mac to Troubleshoot Problems

mac_user account

When setting your new Mac system or after re-installing the latest version of macOS, creating an admin account or a spare account apart from your normal user account is highly recommended. This admin account can be used to troubleshoot some common issues with the applications or macOS. Let us see how a spare account can be used to troubleshoot issues. How to Troubleshoot Problems with Spare User Account? When you encounter issues with your Mac and presumably aren’t hardware related, like freezing of an application, stalling of macOS and display of rainbow cursor, show possibilities of preference file corruption. But

How to Share iCloud Photos with Non-Apple Devices?

iCloud photos sharing

Had a great vacation and dying to share your photos with friend and suddenly you realize, not all your friends are using iPhone or Apple products. Now what? Should you just forget about sharing the photos with them? Well, not really. You may in a way share your photos from iCloud to non-Apple devices. Before we move further with the iCloud photos sharing feature, we’ll look at the shortcoming of it first: Non-Apple people can only view the photos you share with them (They’ll get a web-based link). They cannot leave a comment, add photos to the ‘shared album’ or

Troubleshoot: External Hard Drive Not Showing Up On Mac

troublshooting external hard drive on mac

Usually, when you connect an external hard drive to your Mac, it will show up on the desktop and also in the Finder under Devices. But sometimes, the drive fails to be recognized and making inaccessible to the data stored on it. If you encounter such problem, here’s how to check where the issue is and how to resolve subsequently. In this article, we’ll show you the steps to access your data from the external hard drive connected to your Mac through Firewire or USB port. Now, let’s see how to make your external hard drive show up on your

How to Erase Your Mac and Reinstall macOS

erase and reinstall macos

Is your Mac getting old and it’s time to part away with it but unable to do it? It’s understandable. It is difficult for anyone to part away with things that have been with you for long. Even if you are getting something better in exchange, it’s just too difficult. How about giving your Mac a little make-over? I mean to erase the hard drive and re-installing a new macOS. Sounds good, isn’t it? Read on to find out how to erase and reinstall macOS. Before you begin, make sure you copy the files to an external hard drive or

Uninstall or Delete Software Applications from Mac

uninstall mac apps

If you are a newbie to Mac system and little confused on how to delete or uninstall some wanted apps, don’t worry. There is a solution. Sometimes, these stubborn apps get the best of us into trouble in removing them. In this article, you’ll get to know some of the methods to uninstall or delete these Mac applications. Uninstall or Delete Programs Using Applications Folder When it comes to deleting or uninstalling apps on Mac. After adopting NeXT OS in 2001, Apple introduced Mac OS X and maintained to separate user’s working area from system files just like UNIX. So