How to Troubleshoot Your iPod | Freezing/Sync/Reset

iPods are your best pals when that keeps you accompanied in your boredom. You certainly wouldn’t be happy if your iPod is stuck while playing or if it’s not turning on. But here is a list of solutions that can help you troubleshoot iPod problems. Keep reading to learn more. What do you do if your iPod is stuck on the Apple logo? If your iPod is not turning on, it could also be because of no charge in the battery. Try charging the iPod for a minimum of 10 minutes to get your iPod going. While charging the iPod

SD Card Not Mounting on Mac or Not Getting Recognized – A Complete Guide

SUMMARY: In this write-up, you will get to know about troubleshooting methods that will fix the “Mac not reading SD card” or “SD card not showing up on Mac” issue. However, if you have tried methods like changing Finder Preferences or Disk Utility settings but still ended up formatting your SD card to fix the “SD card not showing up on Mac” error, you can make use of Remo SD card recovery software for Mac to recover the lost files.  Table of Contents: Expert Tip to Fix SD Card Not Mounting Mac Error Check whether the SD card is working

YouTube Not Working on Safari – With an Unknown Tip

video not playing on mac

Many Mac users worldwide have reported, “Safari is crashing while watching a YouTube video”, “Why YouTube is not working on Mac” and “Videos won’t play on Mac”. It is extremely annoying to see a Mac not playing a video on a simple YoutTube platform. To fix this situation you need to know why your Mac is failing to play video. Fortunately, you can easily fix them with a few simple steps which are mentioned below. Note: This page is not just limited to YouTube; you can also use these methods to fix the playback errors on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu,

How to Recover deleted files from SD card on Mac?

Remo SD card Recovery tool Mac

SD cards are not only important to save the photos or videos shot on camera or any other device, but they are also used to take a backup of your important files. Undoubtedly, losing pictures, videos or any files from an SD card can be worrisome. If you have deleted files from SD card on Mac, then you need not worry!  In this guide, you will find out the proven methods to easily recover data from SD card on Mac. And also, find  FAQs and tips to successfully perform SD card recovery on any version of the Mac operating system.

[Solved] Couldn’t Modify Partition Map SD Card

Disk Utility Error Map

Couldn’t modify partition map SD card –  People often encounter this error while formatting or reformatting their SD cards with Disk utility on Mac machines. Usually, this problem occurs when the Mac system has done severe damage by corrupting the partition map of the SD card. Consequentially, people encounter data loss. To fix this issue and recover data lost after partition map corruption on SD card, we provide you with most the reliable solution to fix the issue and safeguard your files on the SD card. To know how to, continue reading…! What is Partition Map? Before going for the

What is Internet Recovery on Mac and how to access it | Complete Guide

Mac recovery mode is a lifesaver during crises. Depending on the type of crisis, you can choose among four options available in Mac recovery mode. there might be some complications that can be resolved by normal recovery mode but it has its own set of limitations. If there is one option that could come in handy regardless of the severity of the problem, it is Mac Internet recovery mode. Learn why Mac internet recovery mode is crucial and let’s discuss how to use internet recovery mode on Mac. What is Internet Recovery on Mac? Internet recovery mode is completely different

Make Most of the Mac Hot Corners - A Complete Guide

hot corners on mac

One of the major upgrades that we usually observe with the evolution of Mac OS is the user experience. Apple never fails to outdo itself when it comes to the user interface. Hot Corners is one such feature that’s not only interesting but also can be very productive when put to use. Here is the complete guide that will help you take complete advantage of Mac Hot Corners. What are Hot corners on a Mac? Hot corners on Mac are the four active corners on your Mac Desktop which perform an action when any of them are triggered. To trigger

Smart Way to Recover Data from MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

If you ever encounter data loss on your MacBook, this article will provide you with complete information about how to recover data from any MacBook. Data loss is scary but it is also very common, millions of users encounter data loss every single day. Fortunately, recovering data from a MacBook is not risky at all. However, there are a few complicated data loss scenarios that might give you a hard time. For example, recovering data from a dead MacBook. This is why we have created this comprehensive article, that will guide you to recover data from a MacBook in every

How to Recover A Word Document on Mac? Deleted/ Unsaved

Summary: Word documents that have been lost, deleted, or unsaved on your Mac can be recovered using manual methods like Auto-recovery folder or the temp folder. In cases when they don’t work, know how to recover a Word document on Mac with the help of Remo Recover. This provides a way to recover permanently deleted or lost Word documents easily. Recovers both .doc & .docx files on any version of Word including Word 2019! There are many instances that result in loss of Word documents from Mac. For example, a Word application crash, improperly terminating Word are all classic examples.

Learn to Recover Data from Mac Hard Drive and Mac External Drives

The truth about Mac Hard Drive Recovery Macs are one of the most advanced computers that are available in the market, yet even the Mac hard drives are vulnerable to data loss like other drives. From gruesome and painstaking research, we have found out that there are three most probable scenarios for losing data on Mac: Accidentally deleted data on Mac hard drive Damaged or Corrupt Mac Hard drive / Mac External Hard Drive Unbootable Mac There are various methods to recover data from a Mac hard drive. For example, you can recover data from Mac hard drive using disk