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how to remove plugins from safari

How to Remove Plugins from Safari

Safari is one of the most widely used browsers for both Mac and Windows computers; however, it is extensively preferred by most of the Mac users as compared to Windows users. The features or capability of Safari browser can be…

Install Yosemite from USB

One of the most awaited Operating System of 2014 i.e. Mac Yosemite is now available for use. Apple has recently released the beta version of the latest Yosemite OS with new and advanced features. Who wouldn’t like to try this…

How to Erase and Reinstall Mavericks

Mavericks OS X is new operating system for Mac computers with 10.9 version but still much looks like Mountain Lion. Nowadays most of the people across world are utilizing Mavericks OS X in their personal and office laptops \ computers…

How to Partition External Hard drive on Mac

Nowadays many users are convenient in carrying their important data within an external hard drive. However, most external hard drive users like to store their data in an organized manner. So in order to keep the data in a systematized…

How to Create Zip Archive on Mac OS X?

Making Zip archives on Mac OS X is not a difficult task. The necessity of making a zip archive comes for all the users in one or the other way. Some makes zip archives by compressing a large number of…

What is Airdrop and How Does It Work?

AirDrop is technique of moving files wirelessly from one device to another. Initially AirDrop came in Mac OS X Lion and later arrived on the iPad and iPhone with iOS 7. The AirDrop deployment in iOS allows users to share…

How to Reset Mac Pro Memory?

A small amount of your Mac Pro’s Memory, stores certain settings in a location that your Mac can access quickly. These settings can include monitor depth information, speaker volume settings, various time settings and other important data that keeps the…

How to Resize a Partition in OS X?

Mac OS X comprises of Disk utility application that helps you to resize disk partition and even you can modify a mounted volume. With this tool, you can enlarge or shrink the size of an existing partition regardless of whether…

How to use Mac Time Machine backup?

Time Machine is a backup program that makes an excellent option to get rid of the data loss issues from Mac machines. It was first introduced as a standard feature on Mac OS X Leopard, and now all Mac OS…

How To Fix Mac Grey Screen Of Death?

Summary: Mac grey screen of death may be frustrating and can occur often when you try to login to macOS. In this article, you’ll find certain troubleshooting methods to fix the grey screen appearing on Mac. It can be a…

Know how to run Mac OS on Windows PC

Are you using Windows OS from long time and now wish to switch to Mac OS? Purchasing new machine and using Mac OS is a costly thing. But, if we think of Mac graphical user interface, everyone like to use…

How to reset MacBook to the factory setting?

Resetting your MacBook to the factory settings will become necessary in many situations. For instance, when your MacBook is infected by malware or some poorly written application might corrupt your OS X settings, in these cases your MacBook becomes unstable…

How to backup and restore your files on Mac OS?

Backups are the best way of securing the data from data loss situations. Inspite of working hard to make sure to keep your computer clean and execute with high performance, you may encounter some unavoidable situations which leads to data…

How to mount a NTFS drive on Mac OS X ?

So far it is considered that mounting NTFS means opening an NTFS formatted drive in Mac operating system. But it is not true. Have you ever thought that opening a drive in Windows is not called “Mounting a drive”? To…