How to Make Bootable Pen Drive on Windows?

Before learning how to make bootable pen drive. Let’s know- what is bootable pen drive first.

What is Bootable Pen Drive?

Bootable Pen drive is nothing but, the drive that holds boot software and boots your computer.

So, if your pen drive has working boot files in it, then it immediately appears at the time of system startup, mechanically catches the important boot system and starts booting itself. Later, you can continue with the further installation of your Windows.

And now, how to create bootable pen drive for Windows? Well, to make any pen drive a bootable drive on Windows, you need to do few changes in BIOS settings. To do it, follow the below procedure.

  • Restart the system and press f2/f8/f1 key to open BIOS
  • Next, go to Boot menu
  • CD/DVD boot menu will be at the top
  • Bring Removable disk boot option to the top

That’s it. Now, you are ready to make your pen drive a bootable pen drive.

But, before proceeding, ensure that your pen drive's capacity is more than 2GB. And, if you have any important data stored on the pen drive then backup it completely. Also, don’t forget to format the pen drive before you start.

In case, your pen drive is in inaccessible-state or you forgot to backup and, formatted it already then don’t worry. Just make use of Remo Recover to recover data from your pen drive, since it is the trust-worthy and efficient way to restore lost or deleted data from USB drives.

All set? If yes, then carefully follow the below-explained step by step guidelines to create bootable USB drive on Windows.

Procedure to Make Bootable Pen Drive on Windows:

  • Connect the pen drive to a running computer
  • Open Command Prompt (Run as Administrator)
  • Next type below codes and hit Enter key after each
  • Type disk part in CMD window
  • Next type list disk
  • You will see all your disks
  • Type select disk X (X is pen drive letter)
  • Type clean
  • Type create partition primary
  • Type select partition X
  • Type active
  • Type format fs=32
  • Type f:
  • Type cd boot
  • Type bootsect /nt60 X:
  • At last, type exit

Now, copy the entire installation files present on the DVD installer to your pen drive. And, you are done.

You can also use third party tools, which are available online to make your pen drive a bootable drive on Windows computer.

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