How to Make Word Document Accessible for Specially Abled People

Microsoft Word is used by a huge number of people across various countries and languages. It serves a number of different sections from commercial to domestic documentation. Word is a crucial tool and everyone should have access to the created documents. It also gives a smooth platform for the differently abled people to access documents.

The word has a number of features in it which are designed to help people with different abilities to read the documents. Accessibility options in Word help those who read documents differently, to understand a document.

Adding alternative text to the images and tables or any visual content, screen tips, and color coding are among the most practiced techniques. With just a few steps you can make your content understandable to the people with visual issues. Here are a few tips to make a word document accessible for a differently abled person.

Make Images Accessible

Adding an alt text in the images, clip arts or other visual objects can be very helpful and an added advantage in your text. If someone can’t see the image, the screen reader can read the alt text in your images. This is one of the most important aspects of making a document readable for someone with special abilities to read.

In order to add an alt text to an image:

Right click on the Image and go to Format Picture

Click Layout and Properties

Select Alt text

Enter a description and Title for the image.

Make the Graphic Readable

There are graphics and shapes in a document that might not be accessible to every reader. In order to make it more friendly, use alt text for graphics. To do this follow these instructions:

Right Click on the Graphic

Click Format objects

Go to Shape Options > Layout and Properties

Select Alt Text, and type in the title and description.

Make Readable Charts

You can make a readable chart for the screen reader to explain it. Adding an alt text in the chart can really increase its accessibility. Here are the steps to make a chart accessible:

Right Click on the chart

Click Format Chart Area

Go to Chart Options > Layout and Properties

Select Alt Text

Enter the title and description.

Add Hyperlink Text

Using a hyperlink text can be very useful for creating an accessible document. You can add text to the hyperlinks that are present in the page. Instead of using words like “here” or “go”, you should use texts that can be more elaborate and express the link properly.

Here is how you add text to a hyperlink in your document:

Select and right click the text that you want to add hyperlink

Click Hyperlink – this opens the hyperlink window

Enter the Link in the Address box

Go to Screen tips – You will find it on the top right corner of hyperlink window.

Enter the screen tips in the Screen Tips text box.

Use Accessible Text Format

Making use of accessible text color may increase the accessibility of your document. Using accessible text format can be an added advantage. Here are some suggestions to try:

Try to make the hyperlinked text underlined. A text with a link is colored for recognition, but for people impaired to understand color can recognize with the help of an underline.

Use symbols with different colors to enhance the understanding of your text.

Using such accessibility options can help make your document accessible to the differently abled. There are chances that your files and links may get corrupt over time in a word document. There are relevant manuals with steps to repair Microsoft word 2013 doc, word 2010 and other versions of MS Word.

Making your document accessible for the people with different ability to read texts is a great practice. Make use of a few accessibility options to create a friendly document for all.

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