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Manage your Storage Space like a Pro on Your Mobile

Nowadays any decent mobile devices contain 124 gigs of storage space and even most economic models are now coming with at least 64 gigs of storage. Cloud storage services are the best compliment for our storage requirements but the majority of the users still prefer storing.

Unfortunately, even with all these facilities nowadays users are still running out of storage space. However, a few simple tweaks to your usage habits will make you a pro in managing storage space and avoid cluttering of unwanted forwards eating up your internal storage.

How Do I Free Up Storage Space on a Mobile Device?

You bought the sleekest phone available in the market with top-notch specs and enough storage space to fit a couple of full-length 4K movies. However, a few months down the lane you see the notification “Storage Space Running Out”. Probably the most annoying notification just after “Low Battery”.

The majority of the information on the online might be centric to removing large files or removing unused applications, which are good as a temporary solution but you will face the same issue in no time. So what is the permanent way to fix this issue?

Large files definitely occupy more space, also large numbers of redundant small files will result in the same issue, for example, the photos you share on message applications such as Whatsapp, FaceBook Messengers. So here are a few smart tips to free storage space on a mobile device.

  • Remove duplicate photos on WhatsApp
  • Change WhatsApp and FaceBook Messenger settings to avoid automatic downloads

How can I remove duplicate media and unnecessary data in WhatsApp?

With 2 Billion users WhatsApp is the most used messenger application and over 4.5 billion photos are shared on WhatsApp on a single day. Which includes the annoying groups with people who just share the same good morning pic every single day. These annoying messages will result in exhaustion of your storage space.

In such scenarios, the most instant solution for you is to use a duplicate photo remover for Android and iPhone. Remo Duplicate Photo Remover for iPhone and Android is free to install tools that can find and delete all the duplicate files in bulk. Here are the steps on how to delete duplicate photos on WhatsApp.

  • Download and install Remo Duplicate Photo Remover on your Phone.
  • Open the application and click on scan
  • After scanning your phone Remo will list all the duplicate photos
  • From there you can mark and delete the duplicates and retain the best looking photos

This way you can avoid manually marking and deleting duplicates on your phone. The only other way to get rid of duplicates is by opening each and every chat, going to the media and check for duplicate files and delete them manually. Not only the duplicate files received on WhatsApp, but you can also remove the duplicate pics from all the messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Telegram and etc.

Similarly, duplicate files are also a huge problem on computers or laptops, to get rid of duplicate files from your computer using the best duplicate file remover tools.

This method can be used to remove the already existing duplicate files on your device. To avoid redundant photos in the future you need to change the Auto-download setting on your WhatsApp and FaceBook messenger application.

How to Avoid Auto Downloads on WhatsApp

Steps to disable WhatsApp Auto Downloads on your Phone on iPhone

  • Open WhatsApp, go to settings

whatsapp settings on iphone to avoid auto downloads

  • Select “Data and Storage Usage” option
  • Select “Photo”, “Audio”, “Video”, and Documents options and change the status to Never

disable auto download on iphone whatsapp

Steps to avoid saving the photos shared on WhatsApp on iPhone

  • Go to WhatsApp settings and select Chats option and disable the “Save to camera roll” option.

option to disable auto download on iphone whatsapp

This will avoid auto-saving any redundant photos on your phone shared on WhatsApp.

How to Turn off WhatsApp Auto-Downloads on Android Phones

  • Go to Whatsapp settings on android

whatsapp settings on android

  • Select “Data and Storage Option”

data storage option on android whatsapp

  • Select “When connected to Mobile data” and When connected on Wifi” and uncheck all “Photo”, “Audio”, “Video”, and “Documents”

disabling auto download on android whatsapp

To stop saving the photos on your Android Phone

how to disable auto save on android whatsapp

  • In the WhatsApp settings select “Chats” option and toggle “media visibility”

disable auto save on android whatsapp

Similar to WhatsApp even Facebook Messenger has the option to turn off auto-saving of Photos. Here are the steps to stop auto-saving Photos on Messenger

How to Stop Auto Saving Photos on Messenger

Steps to stop Auto Saving Photos on Messenger For iPhone user

  • Open Facebook Messenger and click on your Profile icon and scroll down to find Photos, VIdeo & Emojis option
  • Tap on the option and flip “Save to camera roll” option

Steps to stop Auto Saving Photos on Messenger For Android user

  • Open Facebook Messenger and click on your Profile icon and scroll down to find Photos and Media option

messenger options to disable auto save

  • In the Photos and Media option toggle to Save Photos

disabling auto save on facebook messenger

Following the mentioned steps will stop the auto-downloading a lot of redundant files that are being shared on the messaging applications. Unlike deleting the large files or installing unused applications, changing these settings will keep on saving the storage space even without intervening.

Not only that, if you change your perspective from saving storage space to avoid malware files, but these methods will also avoid any malware files getting saved on your mobile phones. If the autosave option is not disabled, your phone will download the malware files that are floating as forwarding messages.

PDF is one of the most used formats to share malware on WhatsApp. Hackers guise the malware in the PDF forwarded it to you if you download that unverified document will hack your phone details. By turning off the auto downloads on your messaging application files will not be saved on your phone without manually opening them.

Hence these are the few changes in the settings that will not only help you in saving a lot of storage space but also doubles as a firewall.

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