Mastering your Nikon with these Camera Settings

Camera, Photos! The energy of these two words can definitely light up a smile on any face. And why shouldn’t it? Every person likes to have their own photos showing them in their best self. This is an easy line to say when you are the muse or the subject but it isn’t as easy as it sounds when you are the photographer. To own a good camera is definitely a matter of pride. But this pride comes with a condition and that is as simple as ‘Are you a good photographer?’.

There are several ways to answer this question because to most people the answer is relative. To make all this easy and simple so that your answer can be streamlined into a simple ‘Yes or No’. All you have to do is know how to use your camera settings to your advantage.

One of the finest cameras in the market is definitely a Nikon camera. If you want to know how to be a good photographer irrespective, of whether photography is a hobby or profession. The simple way is to master your Nikon camera setting. After all, everybody likes to be appreciated for being good with taking photos. Every camera has its own setting and your Nikon camera is no different. To know how to use your Nikon camera setting continue to read the article…..

To be a good photographer there are a few basic ground tips that you need to keep in mind with your Nikon camera settings. Let’s begin with the most common and yet the most important one.

1 Know how to use Focus or Focus Lock setting: This is possibly the most important setting that you can begin with. To know how to focus on your subject and not miss out on the background is important. At the same time, it is also important to have your background in clarity with your subject but with the evident difference for the viewer to notice the photo with the correct view of the subject and the background. With your subject that is stable, you can easily use the Focus Lock setting which will definitely help with the exact amount of focus on the subject in the frame with the appropriate amount of coverage and focus on the background. So, how do you set Focus Lock on a stable subject? Simple, just make sure that you have placed your subject at a required distance from you and press the shutter half way only. Once, you are satisfied with the image, the placement of your subject and the way the photo is looking then, go ahead and press the shutter fully to take the photo.

2 Know how to use Focus Tracking setting: Having covered an important tip with stable subjects for your photo. Let’s now look into how to take a good photo with a moving image. This usually is something you need to know especially if you are into to wildlife photography. To be able to take a good photo of a moving subject you need to know how to set your Nikon in an Auto Focus Mode. This will help keep the focus on the moving subject so that your subject will not look blur in the photo. How do you set your Nikon in auto focus mode? The answer is simple, if you are using a Nikon DSLR then it has three auto focus modes .i.e., single, continuous and automatic. How do you go about shooting, it is easy, all you need to do is focus on the moving subject and press and hold the shutter half only. Once, you are satisfied as most of these images happen at a fast rate you can go ahead and press the shutter fully and capture the shot.

3 Know how to use Exposure compensation setting: There have been quite a few number of times where you have taken a photo that was good but it was not perfect because somewhere there was a problem with the lighting in the photos that was not adjusted well. The subject either looked very dark when standing against the sun like just a shadow or very light that you just were not happy. Well, this happens because you did not adjust and set the exposure compensation. How do you adjust and set the exposure compensation? The answer is simple, all you need to do is hold +/- button that is on your Nikon and then use the input dial on the rear of your camera to set the amount of brightness or lightness you need.

4 Know how to use the Burst Mode setting: We often feel the need to take a series of photos in a few seconds whenever we are shooting for wildlife or a reasonably fast moving subject. Remember that your Nikon has two drive modes they are ‘Single’ and ‘Continuous’. When you choose the single mode you press the shutter one time fully and then you have to release it only to press it again fully to take the second shot. Whereas, in continuous mode, you get multiple shots just by pressing the shutter and leaving it there.

5 Know how to use the Shutter Priority setting: There have been times when we managed to capture that perfect shot with the subject in mid-air having it all perfect and beautiful. Well, to most beginners this happens by fluke but how about mastering your settings so that it is well timed and you get it right every time. You might be wondering what is it about good timing have to do with perfect shots. Everything, timing has to do everything with that perfect shot because it is all about the speed at which your subject is caught in the air and the speed at which gravity takes on. So, knowing how to handle shutter priority is all about handling the shutter speed to freeze or capture that picture perfect shot. Having a Nikon is an advantage as it offers the maximum shutter speed which can be very useful in capturing that perfect shot.

After having polished your photographic skills with these camera settings, it would be a shame if you have to ever lose or accidently have your photos deleted. Well, if ever that was to happen then, ‘Do Not Fret’. That is simply because there is an excellent tool to retrieve photos from Nikon.

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