Memory Card Do's and Don’t's

Memory card have become most usable storage device in many digital gadgets such as mobile phones, cameras, iPod, and other devices to store various types of files such as pictures, songs, documents etc. However, data stored on it may get lost easily due to many factors, for instance connecting to any infected device, virus and malware threats easily enters into it and results into card corruption.  Therefore, let us learn some of the do’s and dont’s of memory card and avoid data loss from it.

List of Do’s and Don’ts with Memory Card

Safely eject memory card

Usually we use card reader to read and write data into memory card by connecting it to system. After usage of memory card, you should remove it safely using Safe Remove option available in right most bottom corner of the desktop. In case if you do not follow this instruction, your memory card can easily gets corrupt and leads to huge data loss.

Scan regularly with updated antivirus

Memory card are very vulnerable to virus and malware attacks. When you connect or use it in infected devices, threats easily enters into it and leads to inaccessible memory card. Therefore, scan regularly with updated antivirus tool and avoid data loss from it.

Keep password for memory card

It is a best practice to avoid sharing of confidential data with third party users. For instance, if you lost your memory card and found it by third person then he/she cannot be able to access memory card unless breaking its password.

Always keep it in a safety place

As the size of the memory card is small and it is too thin, due to these factors, memory card might easily break or damage data lines which results in an inaccessible memory card and leads to massive data loss. Therefore, prefer a safety place to keep memory card.

Even though following instructions for the safety and proper use of memory card, still some user come across data loss by accidentally formatting, deleting files while viewing and sorting, interrupting during data transfer process etc. Due to these reasons, you may fall into data loss such as photos, beloved collection of music files etc from it. In such case, do not worry as those lost files not gone anywhere, they are still resided in memory card only but we cannot access them. In order to get back those files you should use smart and capable data recovery tool such as Remo Recover Windows/Mac Media edition. This tool has all the efficiency to perform deleted data recovery from memory card and it also capable in recovering lost files from different brands of memory card with utmost ease.

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