Merge iPhoto and Photo Library On Your Mac

The iPhoto is a great application that holds all your images clicked with your Apple device. With an amazing imaging device, these devices give rise to a huge collection of photos on your iPhoto. Due to this, a user may find difficulty in recalling images or accessing them. There are many other instances of loss of photos while transferring or merging the library. Although, deleted iPhoto library by mistake can be recovered easily. Everyone who uses this function must know how to merge iPhoto and Photos library on Mac to perfectly execute the merging.

This also allows users to save plenty of space on your Mac computer. There are a number of ways to do this on your device. There are some third party applications that allow users to merge, import and manipulate the iPhoto library. These may not be good for your system or your photos.

You can export your library to the system entirely to merge the photos. However, this may not be recommended as there is a threat of losing photos. There may also be a loss of other photos related information like metadata and titles of files.

Here is how you should merge your iPhoto to the Photo library

Steps to Merge iPhoto Library to Photo

You can upgrade the iPhoto library to Photos and export all the photos in the library. Export the library as a file to the next system.

Go to Edit > Select all

Click File > Export

If you have made changes in the photos on your iPhoto library, click Export Photos

If not, click Export Unmodified Original

Import all your photos to the master photo library and remove the duplicate images.

Once you have done this, you have to export the images in iPhoto using the iPhoto export option. In order to do this, use the iPhoto option

Click File > Export

Click Original or any format – You will have a list in the pop-up menu

Export all the images in the previous used Photos library.

Now you can remove all the duplicate images from the library.

You can also do this in a different way, here is how:

Upgrade the iPhoto library to Photos on your system and then make it your primary library for all the photos. Once upgraded, you can make the library master for the iCloud library.

You should keep the previous library separate and make use of Power Photos to switch between them.

The merging needs some time and you have to give it time. Once it is done all your collection will be well organized. If you choose to do it in a third way, try to get a backup of all the images in the library.

Merging the iPhoto to the photo library on your Mac is easy. You have to make use of tools like Power Photos to remove the duplicate files. you can also do it manually, by organizing all the images, but it may not be efficient enough. So make use of any one of the suggestions made here and save a lot of space to your computer. It also relieves you from the unorganized photo library.

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